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Jobscope performs extensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) functions for businesses involved in project-oriented manufacturing. Modules of the system include quoting, estimating, engineering, CRM, production BOM, scheduling, financial management, analyzing orders, reporting functions, and assorted dashboards. The software can also integrate with a wide variety of CAD packages.

A diverse collection of operations can be managed by Jobscope, including project scheduling at multiple levels of the organization, sorting of different types of BOMs, automated shop floor labor collection, and bill of material imports from integrated CAD packages. Further integration with Excel allows exporting of data files.

Jobscope is an especially good fit for engineer-to-order and make-to-order companies in the aerospace, electronics, industrial machinery, metals, automotive, and high technology industries with complex or custom manufacturing requirements. We typically see it used by companies generating $5 million to $500 million in annual revenue.

The system’s modern user interface is designed to minimize learning curves and present data in a manner that maximizes the value of information. Visualized key performance indicators (KPIs) are provided in the system for easily-digestible business intelligence, while scheduling information can be viewed by department.

Real-time contract, project, and job costing can be posted in the system apart from the General Ledger, allowing users to see each expense as individual components that can be streamlined for more agile business operations, better financial performance, and higher productivity.

Jobscope has been focused on engineering and manufacturing companies for nearly 30 years, bringing deep expertise to system design and implementation. Established in 1980, the company was founded by individuals involved in both manufacturing management and software development.


JOBSCOPE Enterprise Edition - Dashboard with Key Performance Indicators, To-Do List, & Global Search
  • JOBSCOPE Enterprise Edition - Dashboard with Key Performance Indicators, To-Do List, & Global Search
    Dashboard with Key Performance Indicators, To-Do List, & Global Search
  • JOBSCOPE Enterprise Edition - Production Work Order Creation
    Production Work Order Creation
  • JOBSCOPE Enterprise Edition - Purchase Order automation from worksheets
    Purchase Order automation from worksheets
  • JOBSCOPE Enterprise Edition - Customer Relationship Management
    Customer Relationship Management
  • JOBSCOPE Enterprise Edition - Scheduling Gantt Chart view
    Scheduling Gantt Chart view
  • JOBSCOPE Enterprise Edition - Order Analysis with Drag/Drop, Sort, & Export to Excel
    Order Analysis with Drag/Drop, Sort, & Export to Excel
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, IBM OS/400, Windows 2000

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Joe from EMH
Specialty: Metal Fabrication

December 2014

December 2014

Jobscope Review



Product Quality

Customer Support

Likes Best

Support of the product, ease of use. It's an overall user friendly software.

Likes Least

Complicated to use at first but with little direction it's not bad.


Go slow and listen to instructions. Also, use the online help, which covers everything.


Mark from MP Husky Cable Bus & Cable Tray

June 2013

Date: June 2013