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NetCrunch is an on-premise network monitoring, alerting and reporting solution suitable for businesses of all sizes across various industry sectors. The solution helps businesses remotely visualize their system performance and monitor network services, bandwidth utilization, switches, routers and traffic flow. 

Once deployed successfully, NetCrunch automatically gathers every network device’s information and generates layer 1 and layer 2 maps displaying the connection between various devices connected to the main network. NetCrunch offers an interactive dashboard which keeps track of performance parameters and service statuses of devices.

Administrators can select multiple nodes and change their status to offline or online remotely. The flow server tool helps collect traffic data from switches and routers and helps analyze overall network traffic structure. NetCrunch tracks every internal and external event and automatically creates alert reports for incidents occurring within the network. Users can be notified via SMS, desktop notification and email when an event occurs.


NetCrunch - Flow analytics
  • NetCrunch - Flow analytics
    Flow analytics
  • NetCrunch - Flow dashboard
    Flow dashboard
  • NetCrunch - Node interfaces
    Node interfaces
  • NetCrunch - Network dashboard
    Network dashboard
  • NetCrunch - Network flow traffic
    Network flow traffic
  • NetCrunch - Segment mapping
    Segment mapping
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

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