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About Apica

Overview: Apica is a leading provider of innovative software solutions in the observability space, designed to revolutionize how businesses gain insights into their systems and applications. Apica is an operational Data fabric that provides Limitless Data, Control & Insights. The Apica Ascent platform provides Data integration, Real-time data processing, Scalability, and Data governance capabilities. Product Information: The Apica product suite comprises OBSERVE, FLOW, AND LAKE for Active Observability, Pipeline Control, and Compliance and search respectively. The Apica ascent platform is a data fabric architecture that offers a wide range of features including active observability, synthetic monitoring, and load testing.

Apica Pricing

Usage based on number of virtual users (VU).

Starting price: 

$2,000.00 per month

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Not Available

Apica LoadTest visualize meterics
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