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NovaBACKUP PC is a backup solution that helps businesses compress and encrypt files, images, and videos while creating data backups from within a unified platform. It allows staff members to run file and image backup tasks in multiple modes, such as full, differential, and incremental. NovaBACKUP PC allows team members to schedule data backup operations on monthly, weekly, daily, or hourly frequency, based on organizational requirements. Administrators can set up password-based access rights, restricting specific users from accessing, editing, or deleting information....

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Options available for 3 or 5 PCs. Pricing included 5 GB free cloud storage.

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$49.95 per year

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Not Available


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Company size: 2-10 employees

Industry: Health, Wellness and Fitness

Time used: Less than 6 months

Review Source: Capterra

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March 2021

Reports that don't keep us guessing

This software has been an inexpensive switch. It runs in the background of the computer, so we don't have to make sure it's opened all day.


One of my favorite parts about the software is that it sends an email daily to let me know everything has been backed up successfully. This is easy to click on the email see the green bar that says success and then delete the email. We have yet to have it not back up successfully, except at the beginning when we were first setting things up. It was a simple call to customer service and they had it up and running again.


The only issues that we have come across were during the initial set up of the program. We had the initial back up not work properly. We got on the phone with customer service and they walked us through how to correct the issue and run the back up again successfully.

Reasons for choosing NovaBACKUP PC

The cost was great for the year. I believe it was a little less than $50.00 depending on how much data you have to store.

Reasons for switching to NovaBACKUP PC

We had a lot of issues with Carbonite backing up on the computer. It also had to be a program that was opened in order for it to run. So if our service was doing an update on the weekend, someone would have to go in to turn it back on so that it would backup properly.