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SecureLink is an access management solution that helps businesses across various verticals such as energy, finance, retail, healthcare, legal and manufacturing provide secure access to vendors, ensuring compliance with security an... Read more


SolarWinds Remote Monitoring & Management is a server management solution that helps small to large enterprises track all system devices across networks. It comes with an administrative dashboard, which enables users to manage pas... Read more


Device42 is an asset management solution that enables IT administrators to track hardware, software, devices and networks. The key features includes automated data center management, service management, device discovery, asset tag... Read more


Kisi is a cloud-based physical security application that helps businesses control user access and exchange communications across organizational devices. Administrators can utilize a centralized dashboard configure door security ac... Read more


Foxpass is a cloud-based and on-premise platform that helps small to large enterprises automate threat detection and access control process across servers and networks. It provides local cache, which enables users to keep systems ... Read more

SAP Access Control

SAP Access Control is an access management software designed to help businesses across various industry verticals, including banking, financial services, energy and natural resources, professional services, automotive, healthcare,... Read more


Kentik is a cloud-based network management solution which assists network managers, network engineers and operators with data encryption and access control. Its key features include bandwidth monitoring, network diagnosis, perform... Read more

Genea Access Control

Genea Access Control is a cloud-based access control software designed to help small businesses to large enterprises ensure the security of access across building facilities. Key features include attendance reports, credential man... Read more

Access Control Manager

Access Control Manager is a network access control solution that helps businesses in retail, healthcare, oil & gas, banking, utilities and other industries secure properties, assets, and personnel. It lets supervisors monitor intr... Read more

Coveo Relevance Cloud

Coveo is an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled solution that helps businesses across finance, manufacturing, telecommunications and other industries manage enterprise search and customer service operations. The application enabl... Read more


Portnox CLEAR

Portnox Clear is a network access control solution that helps businesses in banking, defense, biotech, engineering, healthcare, legal services and other industries monitor endpoint risks, detect compromised devices, and automate r... Read more


Appgate SDP

Powered by Zero Trust Architecture, Appgate secure access and cybersecurity solutions enable businesses to reduce risk and ensure network security within a digital environment. Serving more than 1,000 organizations across 40 count... Read more


Adept Secure

Adept Secure is a network monitoring solution that provides businesses with tools to identify and prevent cybersecurity threats across enterprise networks. Professionals can track all incoming or outgoing traffic across websites a... Read more


Genian NAC

Genian NAC is a network access control software designed to help businesses of all sizes detect IP-enabled devices and monitor asset information to manage vulnerabilities. The platform enables administrators to analyze heterogeneo... Read more


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