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About Genian NAC

Genian NAC is a network access control software designed to help businesses of all sizes detect IP-enabled devices and monitor asset information to manage vulnerabilities. The platform enables administrators to analyze heterogeneous work environments and identify non-compliant or misconfigured devices. Managers can configure role-based permissions among staff members and gain insights into contextual access information based on what, who, when, where and how attributes. Additionally, Genian NAC allows teams to track the number of devices connected with different ports, utilization level and connection status on a unified interface. Genian NAC offers an application programming interface (API), which lets businesses integrate the system with several IP security systems ...

Genian NAC Pricing

$50/month (monthly subscription for 100 licenses) $1488 (annual subscription for 400 licenses) $4464 (one-time license for 400 licenses)

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$50.00 per month

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Genian NAC switch management
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