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Revelations software from Icon Systems is a church management system (ChMS) for managing members, contributions, funds and reporting. This product can be deployed on-premise with both single and multi-user support.

Member information for individuals, households and groups is stored and maintained in a single database, and each member can have up to 10 “events” (e.g., baptisms, birthdays and marriages) associated with their profile. Members can also be organized into various small groups, such as choirs, prayer chains and youth groups, and receive communications targeted to those groups.

Revelations also includes functionality for tracking member talents. When church staff requires someone with a specific talent—a musician for an upcoming service or carpenter for a building project, for instance—they can run a report to find which congregation members possess those talents.

Finally, contributions and envelope management tools streamline recordkeeping for donation transactions. New contributions can be recorded and distributed to the appropriate funds in batches, as well as audited, reconciled and reversed as needed.


Revelations - Member and household lists
  • Revelations - Member and household lists
    Member and household lists
  • Revelations - Talent tracking
    Talent tracking
  • Revelations - Small group management
    Small group management
  • Revelations - Envelope management
    Envelope management
  • Revelations - Contributions
  • Revelations - Reporting
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 8

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