Shluchim Synagogue Management software

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Shluchim Synagogue Management is an on-premise solution that helps synagogues track members and their pledges and/or offerings. The solution allows synagogue administrators, secretaries or treasurers to enter offerings data, track membership dues, manage seating and print receipts.

Shluchim Synagogue Management helps users connect with new or existing members through text messages, emails and personalized letters. Quarterly statements can also be sent to members via email. The solution offers a tax management feature, allowing users to design customized tax receipts or choose from a list of available styles.

Shluchim Synagogue Management lets users view and download pledges or donation reports by date, month, quarter or year. They can also compare donations through graphs and charts. Users can import members, donations or pledge data into the solution.

Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 10

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