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Diligent Entities helps enterprises integrate their commercial data and simplifies operations to achieve compliance goals. The solution improves business efficiency and supervises internal work groups for better information management. It also helps to maintain a source of reliable corporate data, reducing liability and corporate risk while other modules are offered to ensure compliance and show best governance. Diligent Entities' data management feature ensures that company data and modifications are accurately recorded for future reporting and auditing while also allowing automated incoming and outgoing data exchanges. With document management, users can safely attach documents to organizations, which are accessible by only the individuals who own correct securit...
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Reviewed July 2020

One Source of Truth

Our contacts at Diligent have been very responsive to all of our questions and issues from the implementation of the software. We have been using the software for about 8 months and the people we have worked with have been great. The software is more UK based, but it looks like it is ever changing to become more global and suggestions for improvements for other countries seems to be well received. I'm looking forward to see continuing improvements (ie. customizable resolutions, an easier organization charting module and potentially setup for online filing of documents in Canada). I would suggest a more defined training schedule for new clients and clearer guidance on what training to take. Our team did watch a number of online training videos, but I think a scheduled group training for the very basic features of the system first may have been helpful so that everyone is figuring it out at the same time and asking questions. All of the training videos on the help section seemed overwhelming at the beginning. We integrated from CSC so our starting experience may have been a little different than someone starting with it out of the box.


My company was looking for one source of truth for our corporate records and Diligent looked like the answer for us. Entering information correctly one time and being linked to all the records and reports that we are required to generate is the best feature. We are a global company and having the platform accessible worldwide on all time zones is another benefit. The expandability of the software is also a very good selling feature for us. We are already thinking of different ways that the software can assist in different parts of our company.


I find the most difficult learning is figuring out what each record is called and how it is handled in the system. In order to generate reports, you need to know what the record is called and where it is located This is a big learning curve and not sure if I will ever fully know. If that part was more user friendly or intuitive, that would be more helpful. I also prefer real time chat for support. Many times the email support we have received is just a copy and paste of the support materials that we have already checked out. Other programs we have used have real time chat where you can describe problems more clearly when the support person has questions. This would be a great aid, in my opinion. My experience with Diligent has been that eventually I get a live support person and issues have been resolved.

Reasons for switching to Diligent Entities

CSC is mainly a US based system that did not adequately manage our global entities. Diligent (Blueprint) was recommended to us from a couple of difference sources and looked like it was a more robust software with many more features. We were looking for a global solution to keeping all of our records in one place. We were also extremely happy that Blueprint and CSC were partnering together as CSC is still our provider for managing our US filings and service of process. This partnering was ideal for us.