Flashstart Alternatives




Top 4 Alternatives


FileWall is a security solution for Microsoft 365 that provides ultimate protection against file-based cyber-attacks for business applications like Exchange Online, SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive. It leverages Deep File Analysis (...Read more about FileWall


AwareGO is a human risk assessment solution that helps businesses identify, measure and remedy the human risk factor when it comes to cybersecurity. It enables professionals to measure top human attack vectors including - - Phis...Read more about AwareGO

Security for Everyone

Your users and visitors depend on you to keep their information safe. If you want to be sure your digital assets are secure, Security for Everyone is the tool for you. With S4E, you will have: 1- Manual Vulnerability Scanning 2- ...Read more about Security for Everyone

Specops Password Auditor

Specops Password Auditor is a password audit tool that can identify password-related vulnerabilities within Active Directory accounts. Designed to improve password security and help organizations meet compliance requirements, this...Read more about Specops Password Auditor