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Diverst is ERG Management Made Easy. Equip your SEI leaders with the tools to efficiently organize, enhance engagement, and evaluate the effectiveness of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). Simplify the process for staff to discover ...Read more about Diverst

Diligent ESG

Diligent ESG (formerly known as Accuvio) empowers organizations to address the seminal components of ESG that matter most to their stakeholders, while meeting current reporting requirements and planning and preparing for the futur...Read more about Diligent ESG


Designed for businesses in retail, entertainment, automobile and other industries, CultureAlly is a cloud-based platform that helps streamline DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) operations on a centralized interface. Key features...Read more about CultureAlly

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Circa is a cloud-based job board and recruiting platform that helps staffing agencies manage operations related to compliance, recruitment and job listings. It enables HR professionals to post jobs on the state employment service ...Read more about Circa


HrDiversifyed is an HR analytics software designed to help businesses identify bias and discrimination at various steps of the recruitment process. The platform enables managers to configure rules and policies and ensure complianc...Read more about HrDiversifyed

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Diversity Dashboard

Diversity Dashboard is a diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) software that helps businesses design, track, manage and report progress on diversity programs. The platform enables administrators to manage items such as budgets, ac...Read more about Diversity Dashboard

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The most cutting-edge businesses can benefit from Fortay's novel, human-centered approach to developing a varied, healthy, high-performing culture for top-line growth and long-term organizational success. Teams and managers are em...Read more about Fortay


ComplianceHR offers a variety of solutions tailored to common HR compliance problems, like employee handbook management, leave policies, overtime classification, and evaluating independent contractor status. Make your compliance ...Read more about ComplianceHR

4.8 (8 reviews) is the leading diversity, equity, and inclusion platform that enables businesses to automate and scale talent attraction operations and support the whole employee lifecycle. It is a customizable, big-data solution powe...Read more about

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Level Access Platform

Level Access empowers organizations to create and maintain accessible websites, apps, and other digital products, ensuring compliance with laws like the ADA, AODA, and Section 508, and conforming with the Web Content Accessibility...Read more about Level Access Platform


Drive digital transformation 10x faster at one-tenth the cost of other enterprise software solutions. Automate business processes with our pre-configured applications or work with our experts to create custom solutions that transf...Read more about Praxie


Pulsely is a cloud-based talent management platform, which helps organizations manage inclusion, equity and performance at the workplace through actionable insights and generate policy recommendations accordingly. The application...Read more about Pulsely

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Built for early career recruiting teams of all sizes who care about diversity and inclusion, RippleMatch is the most intelligent campus recruiting platform that makes it easy to hire top talent virtually and build diverse teams. ...Read more about RippleMatch

SHL Talent Management

SHL transforms businesses by leveraging the power of people, science, and technology. Simplify every talent management decision by reducing bias and using a single platform containing a range of scientifically valid assessments,...Read more about SHL Talent Management

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Ten Thousand Coffees (10KC)

10KC is the only all in one platform for inclusive mentoring, connectivity, and skills development that drives better employee engagement and retention. Organizations rely on 10KC to build, manage, scale, and measure all of their ...Read more about Ten Thousand Coffees (10KC)

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WeSpire is an employee engagement platform that uses gamification and behavioral science created with the intention of inspiring people to take sustainable action. The platform aims to engage employees in habitual acts that driv...Read more about WeSpire

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Whistle Culture

Whistle Culture is designed to help businesses build strong company culture by providing a framework for investing in employee development, wellness, and recognition. With Whistle Culture, businesses can allocate funds to initiati...Read more about Whistle Culture

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Eskalera is a diversity, equity and inclusion software that helps businesses engage, empower and elevate employees via training programs. The platform enables managers to ensure compliance in accordance with SOC 2 Type 2 protocols...Read more about Eskalera

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Entelo is a cloud-based human resources solution that offers predictive analytics and social media integration to help recruiting organizations find, qualify and engage with prospective hires. Entelo’s search engine feature all...Read more about Entelo


Dandi is a diversity, equity and inclusion software designed to help businesses with data collection, equity gap measurement and reporting. Administrators can gain insights into actionable dashboards and visualize results based on...Read more about Dandi

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