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OrderCast is an innovative B2B e-commerce platform meticulously crafted with the needs of wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, and suppliers at its heart. By focusing on the unique complexities and challenges faced by these businesses, we have developed a solution that brings together efficiency, scalability, and a user-friendly interface. The heart of OrderCast lies in its capability to manage a vast array of SKUs seamlessly. No matter if your catalog comprises thousands or millions of items, our platform ensures accurate tracking of inventory and efficient processing of orders. This comprehensive SKU management capability streamlines your operations and allows for more accurate forecasting and planning. In the world of B2B operations, we understand that one siz...

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We offer two SaaS pricing models: 1. OrderCast Premium → for most SMBs. 2. OrderCast Enterprise with a tailor-made approach → for large-scale organisations. Regarding OrderCast Premium, we do not charge any set up or implementation cost. We agree on a flat fee based on several parameters such as the amount of SKUs, the volume of orders or the number of online transactions for instance. Customers can decide to pay every month or on a yearly basis but we mostly deal with multi-year contracts. OrderCast becomes your wholesale operating partner by providing you with the right tooling to fuel your growth.

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