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About STAR Events Rental

STAR-Events Rental is specialized for companies supporting special events and staging productions. It features a role-tailored client so the user can cutomize their screens to show all the actvities they need to accomplish every day, as well as set up other quick links to people and information. Users find the navigation to be the same as Microsoft Office applications. It is a full business and financial suite with special inventory, venue management, mobility, dispatching, crew scheduling and expense management enhancements all in one system. It is available on-premise if users have their own servers, or they can license a cloud subscription on Microsoft AZURE. Microsoft’s new architecture allows specialized software, like STAR-Events Rental, to remain outside of th...

STAR Events Rental Pricing

Subscription Pricing dependent on Hosting Services requested, shared or dedicated environment, Office 365 licenses, No. of users (Full or Limited), and additional 3rd party applications desired. Prices vary on industry and are competitive within that industry.

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$145.00 per month

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This is a view of a Role Center for a Rental person. It has a familiar "Outlook" setup. The additional tiles can be set up to display communications, internal mail, important facts and figures. All tailored by and for the user.
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