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The software allows companies to mitigate risks and safeguard their data from a breach through continuous monitoring. It has real-time centralized visibility, where managers can view who has access to what information. It enables them to notice unauthorized entry, policy violations, and weak points in their system. In the process, Zertid allows business admins and IT teams to take the necessary steps to lock out inappropriate access and reduce risk factors. Zertid allows the IT and management personnel to ensure they take the proper steps to follow the security and privacy regulations governing IGA. It offers uniform access management and administration processes controlled by a standard policy, role, and risk model that allows for more uncomplicated auditing. Organisa...

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Company size: 11-50 employees

Industry: Telecommunications

Time used: Less than 12 months

Review Source: Capterra

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February 2022

A cool solution to manage customer identity and certification


Does a good job with lifecycle management and certification of customer identities. Got an easy-to-use user interface and no-code administration. Zertid helped us to create workflows for integrating and cross-wiring things across the ServiceNow platform and our custom ServiceNow apps. Pros: User interface, Coding free implementation and admin, Native ServiceNow integration, and easy to customize. Cons: Works with ServiceNow; if you are not a ServiceNow customer, you need to subscribe to a minimal ServiceNow license at least.


There is nothing I can think of, great to see new features frequently