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About Veritone Redact

Veritone Redact is an automated AI-powered A/V redaction solution. It can scan and auto-detect various objects, such as bodies or faces, allowing users to blur out objects. Police can redact the faces of potential victims or witnesses. Parents can blur out the faces of children. The AI software can redact from any digit file but better image quality will achieve more accurate removal results. Users can blur house numbers or shirts with printed text. Veritone Redact also logs and records all actions and users can export Excel audit reports. Veritone Redact can also auto-detect and redact license plate numbers. Audio can be redacted automatically to save time for legal workers. The software also has collaborative features, such as tags to note the status of evidence. I...

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Pricing is based on the number hours of media uploaded per month, with no upfront cost. Contact Veritone for full pricing information.

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$600.00 per month

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