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With companies going global with the help of ever-growing technologies, we can’t confine qualitative research to just physically conducting it in one location.   Organizations have started conducting qualitative research by conducting Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) and In-Depth Interviews (IDIs) online. Some of the problems that are often faced include, all participants except the moderators having the same access, no concept of a one-way mirror that is present in physical IDIs/FGDs, failure to recognize real emotions, and no way to track how much media is perceived by people, and lack of live translation services. AvidViews is a web-based online qualitative research tool created by Avidestal Technologies.  It has been specifically designed to help users conduct onlin...

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- Free Account available with limited features - Basic Plan: $49/Month for up to 16 participants. Offers 400 meeting minutes & 400 recording minutes per month. - Standard Plan: $89/Month for up to 16 participants. Offers 800 meeting minutes & 800 recording minutes per month. - Custom Plan: Contact vendor for pricing 15 Days Free Trial available

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$49.00 per month

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Heat mapping via eye tracking output
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