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Jetti is a dropship and fulfillment automation platform that allows e-commerce businesses to fully streamline their marketplace operations. Jetti helps to automate all aspects of a multi-vendor marketplace, making it as efficient and simple to operate as possible.

Supporting over 200 customers with 12, 000 vendors, our customers range from start-ups to $50m+ Enterprises. Our platform to designed to accommodate all users, from those just starting their ecommerce journey to well-established, major market players who need a bespoke solution to further facilitate their continued growth.

In Jetti, you’ll find a single, efficient system for your entire inventory and order operations. It’s as simple as syncing your orders, generating the shipping labels for your...

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April 2021

Cyril from Homère Shop Marketplace

Company Size: 2-10 employees

Industry: Apparel & Fashion

Review Source: Capterra



Value for money


Customer support




April 2021

Great SAAS, great team

Jetti is the perfect fit for what I needed : a backbone that manage my vendors connection including everything (inventory, orders processing, money roundtrips and calculation through Stripe, shipping, returns, refunds, ...). It plugs on my Shopify smoothly, and turns it to be "just a front" for the e-commerce part. It handles every aspects of the transactional parts of a Marketplace. I'm pretty happy with it for now.


1. The team. Firstly it is UK and US based, which is a pretty good thing in 2021. You can feel that they are rockstars both on the tech side and on the knowledge of Marketplace business' side. It's the kind of team that understand your question, and provide a clear answer. Be it really tech oriented, or business model oriented. 2. The product in itself, which is on the right way of becoming a perfect fit for many Marketplaces. It's battery-included, most of the features are well thought and well designed; and when they're not, the team provides a workaround to accomplish what you want. 3. The integrability is insane. You can integrate with so many vendor e-commerces, shipping platforms. You have so many options (including fallbacks) for inventory connection, order processing, etc... You can extend the functionality with API and webhooks (which I haven't tested yet though) for very specific stuff that make sense (custom commission calculation; or inventory feed transformation for example). 4. The whole content around the product. Youtube podcasts, calls with the team, documentation. Everything is thought to help you build not only your marketplace product, but rather more your marketplace BUSINESS. That's a great thing.


1. The configuration. Despite serious efforts made on the documentation, good support and interfaces; the configuration is not to be neglected. Understandable though, since Jetti is to be the technical "backbone" of a Marketplace shop, and since there are so many different marketplace models, thus so many possible options. But there is a path of improvement there : the software is not really ready to be configured by a non-tech profile, and when you land there you have sooooo many questions to ask, that any support team in the world could not really handle efficiently. They make their best to work on it though, which is appreciated. 2. The overall experience of Vendor portal would deserve a rework. It's not bad but could include many more models (especially vendors self-service models). I had a great and honest talk with the team though, which explained me that kind of "self-service" Marketplace models are not really their current focus. So don't expect to build an Amazon copy with this. 3. The experience of product edition right inside Jetti (be it by a vendor, or by a Marketplace operator) is not really ready to be used as is. You will definately still have some work to do inside your Shopify itself; I did not expect that, since Jetti is really designed to be the "Master" back-office of a Shopify store. 4. I saw a Zapier connector => Come one, make an Integromat one for god sake; Zapier s****

Reasons for Switching to Jetti

Because India-based Shopify addons are buggy as hell, supports team are unreachable and I don't want to already crush my young business.

Response from Jetti

Replied April 2021

Hey Cyril, First of all, thank you for taking the time to leave such a great review, we really appreciate all feedback we receive as it helps us to further improve and adapt Jetti to best serve the needs of our clients. Our team work continuously to expand and improve Jetti's functionality and integrations with other tools and platforms, it's great to hear that you find these integrations useful in the running of your marketplace. We are continuously looking to make improvements to Jetti, such as in the areas you have mentioned, i.e the vendor portal - your comments help us to focus our attention so we can ensure the best possible platform. We will take your suggestions on board and aim to make adjustments in those areas. Once again, thank you for your review and our support team is here at support@jetti.io if you ever have any questions or need assistance regarding our platform. Thank you! Your Jetti Team.