CentOS Linux Alternatives




Top 7 Alternatives

Android 11

Android 11 is the latest operating system that can be used by Samsung, Oppo, Nokia, Motorola, and OnePlus devices. The system comes with updated features such as chat optimization, pinned conversations, screen and audio recording,...Read more about Android 11

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is an open-source operating system, which provides a foundation for businesses to deploy applications, services and workloads. Organizations can create custom OS images for edge workloads. Red Hat Enterpr...Read more about Red Hat Enterprise Linux


Debian is a Linux-based operating system that helps businesses run free and open-source applications including LibreOffice, VLC media player, Evince document viewer and more. It offers a bug tracking system, which enables software...Read more about Debian

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Fedora Workstation

Fedora Workstation is an operating system designed to help businesses using Linux devices build, test and deploy application codes across virtual environments. Professionals can add software repositories and use the developer port...Read more about Fedora Workstation

Linux Mint

Linux Mint is an operating system built on Ubuntu and Debian projects that helps businesses run a variety of free and open-source applications. The system comes as an ISO file, which can be installed via a live DVD without formatt...Read more about Linux Mint

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Raspberry Pi OS

Raspberry Pi OS is an operating system designed to help professionals access pre-compiled software bundles on Raspberry Pi hardware. The platform supports deployments on several devices including laptops and desktops. Individuals...Read more about Raspberry Pi OS

Parrot OS

Parrot OS is a GNU/Linux distribution based on Debian, which helps IT teams of all sizes develop software and perform security-related tasks such as computer forensics, penetration testing, cryptography, hacking or reverse enginee...Read more about Parrot OS