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About SuperPortal

SuperPortal is a no-code billing portal for Stripe. With SuperPortal, team members can easily add users, manage billing preferences, and keep track of past payments. It also allows users to easily charge customers for goods and services in minutes, manage subscriptions with automated emails and push notifications, automatically send recurring invoices to customers, track payments that fail over time, and more.

SuperPortal Pricing

Our pricing is based on unique customer interactions A single customer logging into your portal multiple times a month will only count as one interaction. Your bill will automatically adjust based on the number of unique interactions every month. Our free tier: Includes 10 unique customer interactions per month Our paid tier: Starts at $29 per month and includes 100 unique customer interactions Additional interactions are charged at $20 per 100 (pro-rated to the exact amount) built at the end of your billing period for that month

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