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Software Needs Cycle for Medical

Let’s be honest: figuring out what type of medical software you need is stressful. There are hundreds of solutions to evaluate, pricing is all over the place and functionalities vary from vendor to vendor. Don’t stress—we’re here to demystify the medical software market for your small practice. Our medical software Needs Cycle is a guide […]

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Success Stories: How to Run a Medical Office Efficiently

Don’t get too comfortable. That should be the mantra of independent medical practices. Doctors must proactively try to find ways of improving efficiency at their office, lest they end up with a big problem: not making enough money to cover costs and stay in business. It’s a common problem, too. The number of solo physician […]

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The Best Medical iPhone Apps for Doctors and Med Students

There are now 10,275 unique apps (and counting) in the App Store labeled under the “Medical” and “Healthcare & Fitness” categories. This is a significant increase from the 1,544 apps we filtered through while writing previous version of this article. By popular request, we decided to update our post with the best iPhone and iPad […]

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Best Android Apps for Doctors and Health Care Professionals

When we published our list of the best medical iPhone apps for doctors and students, we had so many requests for a follow up post highlighting medical apps for the Android operating system that we had to do it. We’ve reduced the over 1,200 “Health” apps in the Android Marketplace to 12 categories and 20 […]

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Should You Transform Your Practice Into a Patient-Centered Medical Home?

The shortage of primary care physicians, coupled with growing regulatory burdens and reduced job satisfaction, has many primary care doctors looking for ways to transform their practices. Concierge medicine has filled this need for some, but that model isn’t for everyone—plenty of doctors don’t feel comfortable charging an additional monthly fee to their patients. The […]

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How To Evaluate Medical Billing Services

Update 2/28/2019: This article has been updated to remove outdated references to medical billing systems. Medical practice owners have an important choice: handle their revenue management cycle process in-house with software or outsource it to a different company. This research can help providers evaluate medical billing service companies if they’ve decided that’s what’s best for […]

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5 Rules for Taking a Vacation as a Solo-Practice Doctor

It’s hard enough for any of us to consider taking a vacation in the current economic climate, let alone those of us responsible for the health of others. If you’re anything like the doctors I spoke with, you might actually be afraid to take a vacation. So, how do you do it, especially if you […]

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Open-Access Scheduling: 5 Surprising Misconceptions

Medical practices looking to stay competitive need ways to operate more efficiently and increase their capacity to care for patients. One way to do this is through open-access scheduling—also called easy access or advanced access. It’s a model that lets patients schedule non-emergency appointments on the same day, as opposed to days, weeks or even […]

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The Lean Doctor’s Office: Using Value Stream Mapping to Improve Your Workflow

An inefficient workflow is a problem in any business. In doctors’ offices, workflow inefficiencies create longer waits for patients, frustration for office staff and burnout for physicians. A process called value stream mapping can help practices identify workflow inefficiencies—for example, time spent hunting for patient charts or tracking down a doctor for an exam room—and […]