Users Love These 5 CRM Tools for Their Integrations — Free Download

By: Zach Hale on April 2, 2020

The key to getting the most out of your CRM software is, ironically, through software integration. Without integration, your CRM is siloed off from the outside world, with no other software to talk to. It’s a sad, lonely existence.

An integrated CRM, on the other hand, gathers data from other core business processes, which can help illuminate new insights that are essential to nurturing customer relationships. In other words, it can help you win new clients, keep existing clients happy, and increase the revenue and longevity of your business.

That said, integration capabilities can differ wildly depending on the CRM. To find out which systems offer the most flexible and reliable integration functionality, we turned to those who would know best: the users. We analyzed thousands of CRM software reviews and assigned a “sentiment score” to each, based on how favorable or unfavorable the review was with regard to integration.

The end result is this list of the five top CRMs for integration, which you can view in this document.