3 Best Free Solutions for Twitter Sentiment Analysis

By: on March 20, 2020

Almost all businesses understand the importance of Twitter in marketing, yet only a few have the right tools to analyze its impact. Although Twitter mentions can be tracked manually to measure impact, it’s not the most practical approach, especially if a brand has hundreds of mentions. For this reason, businesses should consider using a Twitter sentiment analysis tool.

Most of these tools are expensive, but what if we said that you can monitor the performance of your Twitter marketing efforts without making any investment? Yes, that’s possible.

In this article, we’ve listed three free solutions that you can use to monitor the performance of your Twitter campaigns. But before we get into the software selection process, let’s first understand what a sentiment analysis solution really is.

What is sentiment analysis software?

Sentiment analysis software is a social media analytics solution that helps monitor brand mentions on social media platforms for signs of problems (e.g., customer complaints) as well as success (e.g., things customers like about a brand). The software classifies brand mentions as positive, negative, or neutral, thus providing a real-time snapshot of overall customer sentiments and marketing performance.

There are several benefits of using sentiment analysis software for your Twitter marketing campaigns. It measures campaign performance in real time, providing a live snapshot of performance metrics. It proactively monitors customer posts, reviews, conversations, and feedback for signs of trouble, such as complaints, poor reviews, and even memes. The software also tracks trending hashtags and topics, allowing you to monitor your customers’ behavior.

Top 3 free Twitter analysis solutions

We’ve analyzed all free Twitter analytics solutions available on the market to identify the top three options that you must check out. The products (listed alphabetically) have been selected as per the methodology specified here.

1. NCSU Tweet Sentiment Visualization App

NCSU Tweet Sentiment Visualization App is a cloud-based tool that allows users to perform sentiment analysis of Twitter posts based on keyword mentions. The software is built exclusively for Twitter sentiment analysis and doesn’t support other social media platforms. It’s suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Sentiment analysis chart in NCSU Tweet Sentiment Visualization App

Sentiment analysis chart in NCSU Tweet Sentiment Visualization App (Source)

You can enter keywords into the search box to generate various types of reports, including:

  • Sentiment analysis: 2D maps of tweet sentiments based on labels, such as sad, unpleasant, active, alert, calm, relaxed, and happy.
  • Topic analysis: Keyword-specific tweets are clustered into topics with the findings plotted on a graph. The graph helps understand user sentiments around keyword topics.
  • Heatmap: Tweets are visualized on a heat map based on a range of sentiments, from pleasant to unpleasant. It allows you to visualize positive, negative, and neutral responses.
  • Tag cloud analysis: Tweets are clustered based on hashtags. It helps understand user sentiments about each of the hashtags.

Details of the free plan: The solution is available free of cost and allows you to perform an unlimited number of searches.

Upgrade plans: None, the product is free of cost.

2. Mention

Mention is a cloud-based social media monitoring platform for businesses of all sizes. It helps companies analyze their brand presence on Twitter and Facebook.

Sentiment reports in Social Mention

Sentiment reports in Mention (Source)

Mention allows you to search brand mentions on Twitter and analyze the results based on various parameters, including:

  • Sentiment: Classifies tweets as positive, negative, or neutral based on their tone. Also provides insights into the number of tweets for each sentiment type.
  • Strength: Estimates the likelihood of your brand being discussed in the search results of a keyword.
  • Passion: Indicates whether Twitter users are repeatedly mentioning your brand in their tweets.
  • Reach: Measures your brand’s range of influence, i.e., the number of individuals talking about your product.

Details of the free plan: The free version lets you add up to three social media accounts and search 250 mentions per month.

Upgrade plans: If you want to add more than three accounts or search over 250 mentions, you can upgrade to the following three plans:

  • Solo: Supports five social media accounts and 3,000 mention searches per month.
  • Pro: Supports 10 social media accounts and 5,000 mention searches per month.
  • Enterprise: Supports unlimited social media accounts and mention searches.

3. Social Searcher

Social Searcher is a cloud-based social media search engine for businesses of all sizes. It allows marketing professionals to search for keyword mentions across sources, including web, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Sentiment analysis in Social Searcher

Sentiment analysis in Social Searcher (Source)

The software allows you to find all public social media posts and online mentions related to the keywords you enter. It can further filter the search results based on keyword operators, sources, dates, and types of posts. Its sentiment analysis feature allows you to generate reports on the number of positive, negative, and neutral comments about your brand across social media sites.

Details of the free plan: The free plan lets you perform up to 100 keyword searches per day.

Upgrade plans: If you require more than 100 daily keyword searches, you can upgrade to one of the following plans:

  • Basic: Supports 200 searches per day.
  • Standard: Supports 400 searches per day.
  • Professional: Supports 800 searches per day.

Finding Twitter sentiment analysis software that’s right for your business

Now that you’ve read about our top three recommended solutions, the next step is to select the one that best fits your requirements. We suggest using the following approach:

Assess sentiment analysis needs: Evaluate the sentiment analysis needs of your business to get a clear picture of the challenges you’re aiming to address with the software. You can refer to the following table for assistance:

Product to consider
Keyword-based sentiment analysis, social listening, sentiment analysis tailored to brand mentions (e.g., strength score and passion score) Mention, Social Searcher
Keyword-based sentiment analysis only NCSU Tweet Sentiment Visualization App

Understand the limitations of each software: All three tools have certain limitations. Consider the points mentioned below while making a purchase decision.

Limitation of the tool
Social Searcher Up to 100 keyword-based daily searches with free version
Mention Up to 250 keyword-based monthly searches with free version
NCSU Tweet Sentiment Visualization App Unlimited free searches but performs only keyword-based mention searches

Consider the upgrade cost: NCSU Tweet Sentiment Visualization App is free of cost, but the other two products do offer upgrade plans, which you may need if you want more monthly searches and additional features. It’s recommended that you check out the upgrade cost before zeroing in on a tool.

If you wish to compare other sentiment analysis tools, visit our social media analytics directory. For help with selecting a specific tool, you can reach out to our advisors for an obligation-free software consultation. Schedule an appointment with an advisor here.

Product selection methodology

We used the following approach to arrive at our top three recommendations:

1) We shortlisted all the products featured in “top sentiment analysis” articles on the internet.

2) From the shortlisted products, we selected products that offered a free version and the following capabilities: keyword search for public tweets and filtering of tweets based on positive, negative, and neutral sentiments.

3) Thereafter, we ranked the shortlisted products based on monthly Google search volume to identify the top three solutions.

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