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About GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance is a Zendesk application designed to help you easily comply with Government Data Protection Regulations. So whatever you need to do with customers' data—delete, anonymize, or download to send at a client's request—GDPR Compliance can handle it in bulk and with only a few clicks. The app permanently removes users' or organizations' data with related tickets directly from created lists in Zendesk or using a CSV file. You can also make unique lists with users, tickets, or organizations and combine them. Moreover, the plugin anonymizes credit card numbers and other sensitive users' information so that you can use allowed data for reports and statistics. This way, you don't break the law but can analyze clients' preferences or issues in general, keeping data...

GDPR Compliance Pricing

The pricing is calculated per organization per month. The Standard Plan pricing is $50, and Premium Plan is $65. To get actual pricing, visit

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$50.00 per month

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Create users, tickets, and organization lists or upload a CSV file to delete or anonymize data.

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