About Charms Office Assistant

Charms Office Assistant is a program management tool designed for all types of schools. It combines assessment, communication and financial systems. The entire program is accessible in a single screen and the access hub can be personalized using customizable layouts.

It lets users save student or member details like contact numbers, email addresses, cell carriers and more. It gives users access to a CPA approved financial management system that enables users to keep an eye on bank accounts, fundraisers, budgets and more. It allows parents to view comprehensive financial statements for their children online.

Users can send voice or text message to any person by simply recording the message, filtering the contact list and clicking dial. The parent’s and student’s portals are equipped with a built-in recorder. Apart from email, users get a parent communication tool with features like calling, messaging, news feeds and more.

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Supported Operating System(s):

Windows 10

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