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The Flowlytics software suite by Invistics was developed using Lean manufacturing principles and pull-based methodology. With Flowlytics, companies have a comprehensive solution that balances and optimizes cycle times, throughput and inventory, giving users a complete view into the supply chain while also offering better customer service. 

Flowlytics doesn't replace an organization's ERP, rather, it leverages data already in the ERP system to ensure planning and execution remain synced and companies retain real-time visibility into plant floor and supply chain dynamics. The modules in Flowlytics can be deployed on-premise or through a hosted solution.

The Lean Insights module offers user-friendly tools to access and organize data related to flow time, customer service levels and throughput in order to measure flow-based performance and motivate Lean behaviors on the shop floor and across the supply chain. The Inventory Advisor optimizes stock levels, while the Pull Manager module helps users implement a pull-based manufacturing supply chain beyond Kanban. 

Through dynamic charts and graphs, Flow Path Health offers complete, real-time visibility into production, from order to fulfillment, as well as current inventory and customer satisfaction. Lot sizer helps companies minimize plant costs by recommending optimal lot sizes, batch sizes and/or order quantities.

Flowlytics is suited to a number of industries, including consumer packaged goods, industrial machinery, pharmaceuticals, metal fabrication and more.


Flowlytics - The Inventory Advisor
  • Flowlytics - The Inventory Advisor
    The Inventory Advisor
  • Flowlytics - Pull Manager
    Pull Manager
  • Flowlytics - Flow Path Health
    Flow Path Health
  • Flowlytics - Lean Insights
    Lean Insights
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Web browser (OS agnostic)

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