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Globaleris Argentia is a business management solution that caters to mid-sized and large companies across the gas and electricity industry. Globaleris Argentia offers automated billing and invoicing. It can generate invoices, send payment reminders, process payments and integrate with accounting systems. Users can create customizable product and pricing models to suit their business needs. The solution comes with a formula editor to build complex pricing formulas. Globaleris Argentia provides a complete overview of key business metrics in one place. Its modular cloud platform allows companies to enable various modules as needed. The solution offers dedicated support to help with implementation and ongoing use. Deployment options include hosting the software on-premi...

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From small retailers focused on residential customers, to larger retailers with integral customers, traders or energy management consultancies, at Globalsyde we design a solution and a plan tailored to your needs. Our customized plans take into account the main variables of your business, as well as the use of the platform, including factors such as: - Size. - Number of customers. - Operational complexity. - Globalsyde modules included. - Integrations. - Customizations.

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Globalsyde allows you to invoice at any time with the highest reliability, based on data obtained from all available sources. You can also design different types of templates depending on the client and the data you need to add.
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