Finding software can be overwhelming. Software Advice has helped many companies choose the right contest software to launch and manage contests.

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Submittable makes it easy for nonprofits to collect and review any content online. From grant and job applications to fundraising materials or even contest entries, Submittable’s easy-to-use platform helps your team find the best ... Read more

Learn More is a grants management solution that is designed for corporations, educational institutes, government agencies, TV productions and engineering businesses. It lets staff members track applications, automate workflows, cr... Read more

Learn More

Award Force

Award Force is a cloud-based solution that helps non-profit organizations of all sizes manage scholarships, grants, contests and more. It comes with a centralized dashboard, which enables users to track fee status, filter submitte... Read more


Spinify is a cloud-based employee recognition platform that helps businesses of all sizes engage motivate and reward sales teams using gamification techniques. Designed for real estate, call center and recruitment organizations, t... Read more


Evalato is a cloud-based grant management solution catering to nonprofits of all sizes. Key features allow users to manage payments, preview grant applications before submission, customize branding on grand submission websites, tr... Read more


SalesScreen is a cloud-based sales performance management solution that helps businesses of all sizes improve employee focus, motivation and productivity. The platform comes with a recognition module, which enables managers to rew... Read more


Wishpond is a lead generation and marketing automation solution. Featuring a drag-and-drop landing page editor, social contests, popups, and forms, Wishpond features tools for website and email subscriber engagement. Lead scoring,... Read more


VYPER is a customer loyalty management solution that helps businesses conduct contests, set up reward programs and manage giveaways on a centralized platform. It allows team members to use the pre-designed templates to create and ... Read more


OpenWater is a cloud-based solution that helps users manage the entire lifecycle of grant programs from registration to submission of various types of grants by reaching out to potential grantees. Key features include outcomes mea... Read more


Weemss is a cloud-based event management solution offering ticketing and awards management features. The solution enables event organizers to create, promote, sell and manage all type of events. Weemss allows organizers to cr... Read more

Second Street (UPICKEM)

Second Street is a cloud-based customer engagement solution designed to help small to large media companies create contests and run email campaigns. Features include promotions feed, A/B testing, predefined templates, performance ... Read more


SkipsoLabs is a cloud-based innovation and idea management solution designed to help public and private sector organizations. Key features include idea submission, project pipeline, relationship and database management, candidate ... Read more


ShortStack is a cloud-based campaign creation solution. It helps in designing campaigns using various widgets, themes and templates. The solution is used to create sweepstakes, contests, landing pages, special offers and custom fo... Read more


QZZR is a cloud-based quizzing solution that allows users to create custom and self-branded quizzes and helps them drive traffic on social media platforms, present targeted offers and generate qualified leads. Primary features inc... Read more

Untap Compete

Untap Compete is a submission management system used to streamline collecting and reviewing applications for competitions, grants, scholarship programs, online hackathons, innovation challenges and other calls for applications. It... Read more



VUFORA is an event management solution that helps businesses manage events and contests. The platform enables organizations to organize conferences, workshops, meetings, competitions and award events. Features of VUFORA inclu... Read more


Buyers guide

In today’s increasingly digital world, customers find and connect with companies through online search, websites, and social media. Lead generation, social engagement, and brand loyalty are important components of an organization’s marketing strategy. Interactive marketing, such as contests and giveaways, help businesses grow their customer base and increase brand awareness. Contest software makes it easy to create, personalize, and manage contests on company websites and in social media channels.

This guide will explain how contest software helps business owners, marketers, and sales professionals increase engagement, followers, and brand loyalty.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

What is contest software?

Contest software makes it easy to run sweepstakes, giveaways, and other contests on company websites and social media channels, such as Instagram and Facebook. Online contests help organizations raise their brand awareness, increase website traffic, expand their social media following, and improve lead generation conversions. Marketing professionals use contest software to streamline contest creation and management, reduce time spent on manual administrative tasks, and deploy effective contests without the need for designers or developers.

Common features of contest software

While features vary from product to product, most contest software offers some or all of the following functionality:

Lead generation Create conversion-focused lead capture pages to collect qualified leads, segment audiences, and increase prospect conversion rates.
Customizable branding Add company logos, colors, assets, and more to personalize contest templates. Integrating brand identity ensures uniformity across all channels to drive awareness and engagement.
Contest templates Get started with pre-designed layouts and themes that can be customized to match your brand without the need for technical skills or coding.
Voting management Design single or multi-round voting processes to select a contest winner.
Fraud detection Monitor and moderate entries to ensure they meet specific criteria and are legitimate entries. Proactive fraud monitoring keeps your contest fair by searching for suspicious entries to prevent cheating.
Polls Create quick polls to allow audience voting and participation. Polls are a great way to boost engagement and collect audience data.
Analytics Identify patterns in assembled data to learn how users interact with contest campaigns. Use collected data to optimize current and future campaigns.

What type of buyer are you?

Selecting the right contest software for your business starts by understanding what type of buyer you are. Most buyers fall into one of the following categories:

Startups: Contest software helps new businesses raise funds and build relationships with target audiences. Look for features that give you control over branding with customizable content and analytics to track the effectiveness of your campaigns. Sweepstakes, vote contests, and photo contests are low-cost ways to raise brand awareness, promote user-generated content, and convert business prospects into leads.

Small businesses: Small organizations with limited resources should look for contest software that offers numerous features on the most basic plans. Pre-designed templates make it easy to launch a campaign, and customizable branding options ensure that potential customers connect with your business identity.

Marketing agencies: Agencies use sweepstakes, giveaways, and other contest campaigns to create effective marketing strategies for their brands and clients. Look for contest software that offers full customization of all campaign aspects. Comprehensive analytics help agencies identify where traffic comes from and what campaigns generate the most engagement.

Benefits and potential issues

Contest software is designed to offer the following key benefits for businesses:

  • Build brand awareness: An effective online contest can drive site traffic and customer engagement. Asking for a like or follow on social media as part of a giveaway entry increases the number of people who might see the content. When a contest attracts new and relevant audiences, it becomes a promotional tool that drives repeat website visits and converts prospects into leads.
  • Get to know your customers: Online contests are great for learning about your customer base. When there's a chance to win a prize, people are more inclined to share information and answer questions. In addition to contact information, ask questions about interests and habits. The information gathered from contests can be used to enhance product or service offerings, as well as improve marketing and outreach strategies.
  • Boost audience engagement: In addition to collecting important customer information, running a contest can help increase a company's amount of followers, likes, and engagement on social media platforms. Promoting user-generated content for contests raises customer involvement, strengthens brand awareness, and facilitates interaction between brands and customers.

Market trend to understand

Smartphones and tablets are the primary source of all U.S. online traffic. While desktops are still in use and shouldn't be discounted, social media channels are primarily accessed on mobile devices. For instance, even though Facebook has a desktop version, organizations should create content that is optimized for mobile use. Responsive design ensures that pages and content adjust to fit on any device. This keeps the user from having to scroll and zoom to get the content they're looking for. Social platforms are designed to amplify content that drives user interest and activity, so it is critically important that contest software includes mobile-responsive design features.