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Descript is a powerful all-in-one multimedia editor that makes editing as easy as a word doc. Record, edit, mix, collaborate, and master your audio and video with Descript. ... Read more


Ginger is a proofreading software that enables educational institutions and businesses to identify and correct errors and improve articles, blogs, classified and a variety of other content. The platform includes a grammar checking... Read more


Blakify is a software service that harnesses A.I. and Machine Learning technology from Google's TTS, Amazon Polly, and Microsoft Azure to give customers a full text-to-speech experience Blakify has over 400 voices and is continu... Read more


Amazon Polly

Amazon Polly is a machine-learning text to speech solution that can help teams create speech-enabled applications. With built-in deep learning capabilities, Amazon Polly can create high-quality human speech, which can be streamed ... Read more


Murf Studio

Murf enables organizations to manage voiceover projects using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. The platform offers a collection of realistic AI voices in multiple languages. The application automatically converts scripts i... Read more



PollySpeech is an online platform that enables the conversion of text into natural speech. You can create applications that naturally talk like humans and using over 630 different lifelike and natural voices across more than 80 la... Read more



Listen2It automatically generates an audio version of text content in seconds. Choosing from 600+ lifelike text to speech voices in 75 different languages, users can give their brand a unique voice. It also offers a pre-built audi... Read more



Voiceley is an automated software turning any text into a natural lifelike voice-over in just a few clicks. Voiceley can accommodate any business and is perfect for creating voiceovers for video sales letters, educational videos, ... Read more



Instead of paying voice actors to narrate text, video presentation, or even your next Audiobook, Talkifier can do all this in a matter of seconds. Use Talkifier to turn your blog posts into audio so your visitors can listen on th... Read more


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