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Procare is a child care software solution that allows users to manage educational facilities and child care centers. The product offers multiple modules that can keep track of family data and accounting, meals, payroll, employee data, activities, payroll, expenses and ledgers and attendance.

Users can buy modules individually, or they can purchase the entire package.

Procare’s family data is the core module of its solution, designed to eliminate the need for paperwork and physical planners. It helps users track student information, including registration details, emergency contact details, schedules, enrollment history, key milestones and immunization history.

Procare can also be accessed through the web with the help of the secure Procare Cloud, where data is automatically updated each night. This gives users the benefit of mobility, security, free updates and an online parent portal.


Procare - Family data
  • Procare - Family data
    Family data
  • Procare - Activity tracker
    Activity tracker
  • Procare - Attendance tracker
    Attendance tracker
  • Procare - Bookkeeping and accounting
    Bookkeeping and accounting
  • Procare - Tuition payments
    Tuition payments
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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Specialty: Daycare

July 2016

July 2016

Reporting sucks



Product Quality

Customer Support

Value for Money

Likes Best

I like the product & support but I hate the way the reports are being set. It is obviously set for an owner and his wife!!! You can NOT generate a simple receivables report with this software and there is NO way to generate a day or week report for payments received in a list format as a matter of fact you cannot get a list report in the entire reports menu except an attendance report that shows total hours attended that is it there is no other list report so in most cases it leaves owners clueless on how much money center collected for any period of time. I talked to technical support for an hour before I was told that there is no such report!!!????
I have been with Procare Software for years but unfortunately I see my self parting away in the near future.

Likes Least



This is a complex software that take education to customize to your needs & if you are not the one taking a payment good luck finding a simple receivables report in this software.

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