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Contract Assistant, by Blueridge Software, is an on-premise contract management solution designed to help businesses write contracts, review key contracts and set reminders for renewal or other critical dates.

This solution can be installed on users' remote servers, or it can be self-hosted as a web application using Citrix XenApp.

Contract Assistant helps businesses manage contract information and save contract templates in a centralized database. The solution allows users to send email notifications to clients regarding contract renewal, set user permissions based on their roles or groups and generate customizable reports. The advanced search feature helps users find existing contracts from a central database.

Contract Assistant comes in three separate plans targeting businesses with different revenue streams. The standard plan is suitable for single users or sole proprietors, the pro plan is ideal for small to midsize businesses and the enterprise plan caters to large enterprises.

This solution caters to the needs of customers in education, construction, IT, finance, manufacturing, technology, government, telecommunications, health care and retail.


Contract Assistant - User interface
  • Contract Assistant - User interface
    User interface
  • Contract Assistant - Create and edit contracts
    Create and edit contracts
  • Contract Assistant - Search contracts using filters
    Search contracts using filters
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Mac OS, Windows 8, Windows 10

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