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Plex Manufacturing Cloud is a Web-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) manufacturing system suited for discrete and process manufacturing organizations. It's used by over 1,200 manufacturing facilities, with a retention rate of 95 percent.

This solution is ideal for companies using lean manufacturing principles that are committed to high quality products, extensive inventory control (including WIP) and cradle-to-grave traceability.

It manages all accounting and financial management functions, such as cost accounting, enterprise financials and reporting, fixed assets and sales tax computation. Plex also enables the creation of a centralized platform of vital functions, such as accounting, cash management, purchasing and sales.

Plex is designed for varied manufacturing industries, including aerospace and defense, high tech, electronics, food and beverage and industrial machinery, and can assist with numerous manufacturing modes, such as discrete, mixed mode, repetitive and make-to-order. The software also enables the management of overhead workflows, communication, document management and screen customization.


The Plex Manufacturing Cloud - Executive dashboard
  • The Plex Manufacturing Cloud - Executive dashboard
    Executive dashboard
  • The Plex Manufacturing Cloud - Control panel
    Control panel
  • The Plex Manufacturing Cloud - Label formats
    Label formats
  • The Plex Manufacturing Cloud - Checksheet in process
    Checksheet in process
  • The Plex Manufacturing Cloud - Checksheet detail
    Checksheet detail
  • The Plex Manufacturing Cloud - Traceability tree
    Traceability tree
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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Tara from Burnish Gold
Specialty: Consumer Products
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November 2016

November 2016

The software that maybe, possibly, potentially could



Product Quality

Customer Support

Value for Money

Plex has a lot going for it. Using SAP for another client, I find that Plex is much more of a value for the money and more dynamic with what you get. SAP relies a lot on additional modules and add-ons to meet user needs making the cost potentially exorbitant.

The current Plex interface is a bit dated, but Plex will be rolling out a new interface that is showing a lot of promise with it's additional functionality by the end of 2017. Plex was built for the automotive industry but has branched out to other industries as it has grown. The company has been growing rapidly and only recently has taken a new direction which is better aligned with its growth and ability to meet the needs of customers across industries.


Ease of use, lower price compared to big ERP software systems, willingness to listen to users and make changes accordingly, Plex's user community is a fantastic resource & frequently Plex experts will chime in to help users out


Clunky functionality and some limitations for the consumer products world (but this is being addressed, albeit slowly), current business intelligence tools associated with the software are hard to use

Advice to Others

No one software will be everything to everyone, but the ability for a software to be upfront about its limitations is key. Plex hears its users and for that I would absolutely consider it when assessing your company's software needs.

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