How to Avoid ERP Implementation Failure: Success Stories and Key Considerations

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation projects can be daunting. While adopting any type of new software can present a challenge for companies, ERP implementation projects in particular often fail for the same reasons.

This e-book will teach you how to avoid the common pitfalls of ERP implementation. It outlines what you need to know before embarking on an ERP implementation project, including:

  • An analysis of 22 failed implementation projects
  • The most common reasons for failure
  • Expert insights on how to plan for a smooth implementation

We know how difficult it can be to select and implement the right ERP system for your company. In fact, at Software Advice we speak to hundreds of buyers every year seeking to implement new ERP systems at their organizations. This gives us tremendous insight into the issues that prospective ERP buyers face.

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How to Avoid ERP Implementation Failure: Success Stories and Key Considerations

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In this e-book, you’ll learn:

✔ Why ERP implementation projects fail

✦ We analyzed 22 cases of ERP implementation failure and identified the key themes and issues in each one to give you a better understanding of how they can go wrong.

✔ How you can prevent ERP implementation failure

✦ From executing proper change management to getting buy-in from your IT team, you’ll discover the critical steps to take in order to ensure implementation success.

✔ What the experts have to say on planning for a smooth implementation

✦ We asked the experts to weigh in on what makes ERP implementations successful and how you can apply those insights to your business.

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