6 ERP Mobile Apps Users Love

By: Ashish Upadhyay on March 5, 2024

Small-business managers and administrators working with intricate supply chains, diverse product lines, and extensive customer databases might often feel daunted when handling business operations across sales, marketing, supply chain, and HR.

Such complex environments often require a centralized solution to simplify business processes and workflows, and that's where an ERP solution can help. However, traditional ERP software often lacks the accessibility and user-friendliness that fast-paced businesses require.

That's why switching to a mobile ERP app makes sense. A better user interface coupled with easier accessibility leads to increased efficiency in handling business processes and also speeds up decision-making for your team.

To help you pick the best ERP app, we conducted a sentiment analysis of 2M+ unique user reviews on Software Advice to recommend the top six ERP mobile apps, arranged in the order of percentage of positive reviews.

1. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

4.51 out of 5 stars

20214 reviews

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is a desktop tool that also offers mobile app availability. With the QuickBooks mobile ERP system, you can keep track of your inventory and stock levels, create customer invoices, track your business expenses, and manage payroll for your team members.

The software offers over 70 industry-specific report templates to create reports such as payroll expense details, gross business earnings, and customer profitability reports. QuickBooks also helps you determine which inventory items need to be billed to customers and highlights all unbilled inventory which managers can assign to a team member for billing and tracking purposes.

Who should consider QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise’s mobile app?

Accounting teams needing automated accounting and business expense tracking processes can opt for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. For inventory-holding businesses, the software offers real-time inventory visibility through a dedicated dashboard, letting you decrease order fulfillment times and hold less inventory surplus, which helps boost profits.

  • Customer support: Chat, email, phone support, FAQ, and knowledge base

  • App price: Available with the paid plan, which starts at $1,922 per year, for up to 30 users

  • Billing cycle: Annual 

Example of a review excerpt from a user who has used QuickBooks’ mobile app:

“I am very pleased with Quickbooks because as the manager for the company, I am able to run payroll, send invoices, check balances, and write checks when needed.  I love that I am able to send invoices to clients and that all my business banking can all be done on Quickbooks. Being able to use the app on the go also is a huge plus!”

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2. monday.com



4.58 out of 5 stars

4663 reviews

monday.com is a project management and ERP platform that lets you create a centralized work management platform and manage various aspects of your business, such as creating approval workflows and managing customer databases. The software offers a template library with use cases across marketing, project management, HR, and software development industries.

You can use the templates to create a task tracker for your team, manage project timelines, oversee employee onboarding, and manage payroll. The software also tracks financial data from invoices and sales receipts for your business. You can use built-in boards to store financial data, assign shifts to specific team members, and create a schedule.

Who should consider monday.com’s mobile app?

Supply chain managers tracking inventory for goods can create and organize an inventory catalog to better manage their inventory and categorize goods with monday.com. The tool also offers workflow automation to help managers create shift schedules and automate assigning shifts to individual team members.

  • Customer support: Chat, email, phone support, FAQ, and knowledge base

  • App price: Available with the paid plan, which starts at $9 per user, per month

  • Billing cycle: Annual 

Example of a review excerpt from a user who has used monday.com’s mobile app:

“Is the best app that I have used to manage my tasks. I was happy using it. What I liked the most is the different templates and dashboards that you can create for different projects. They are easy to use and modify to your needs and the automation of task management is. It helps me improve and be more efficient at my work. It is easy to use, create and be more organized in my work task using this App. None of its features is complicated to use.”

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Pro tip

Look for ERP software that offers customization to adapt to your business requirements. This can include creating workflows for teams working on time-sensitive processes or adding a compliance check process for regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals or healthcare.

3. Bitrix24



4.18 out of 5 stars

835 reviews

Bitrix24 is an ERP solution with a built-in CRM and HR management system. The software offers a dedicated team communication portal, workflow creation, and task-tracking ability with its mobile app. It also lets you store business data in an online repository, such as contracts, business merger and acquisition deal-related documents, and invoices.

Bitrix24 lets you enable design business processes by automating routine tasks, such as scheduling team and client meetings. Additionally, it offers lead generation, marketing automation, and campaign management capabilities.

Who should consider Bitrix24?

Marketing and sales teams that require business process automation with tasks such as lead generation, campaign tracking, and sales funnel analysis can benefit from Bitrix24. The software also integrates with third-party social media platforms to simplify social media sharing and campaign management.

  • Customer support: Chat, email, phone support, FAQ, and knowledge base

  • App price: Available with the paid plan, which starts at $49 per month, for up to five users

  • Billing cycle: Annual 

Example of a review excerpt from a user who has used Bitrix24’s mobile app:

“I've found the software to be very helpful and efficient. It has a wide range of features that allow me to work more efficiently, and the collaboration tools are great for working with my team. It is easy to use. The interface is simple and easy to understand, so I can get to the information I need quickly. It's also very customizable, which means I can make it work the way I want it to. It is an all-in-one software platform that helps businesses manage their projects, communications, CRM, and HR. It's very user-friendly and easy to use, and the mobile app makes it easy for workers to access their data and complete tasks from anywhere.”

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Pro tip

Check if the ERP mobile app provides application programming interfaces (APIs) for easy integration with other software solutions. APIs allow the ERP mobile app to integrate seamlessly with other third-party applications and services, such as CRM systems, or e-commerce platforms, and ensure a more comprehensive and interconnected ecosystem.

4. Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365

4.36 out of 5 stars

5559 reviews

Dynamics 365 is an accounting and sales ERP system built by Microsoft. It offers solutions for lead management, marketing, and field services to businesses. The software lets you access your CRM data from anywhere, enables you to create and edit customer records, and track customer service cases.

You and your team members can view upcoming field service appointments by integrating your calendar with the software. The app allows you to create follow-up service orders after client meetings and send push notifications to field service team members for upcoming tasks.

Who should consider Dynamics 365?

Businesses looking to integrate and bundle their CRM and sales automation processes can opt for Dynamics 365. The software assists with service scheduling and provides a centralized dashboard to view client types and service requests. As a manager, you can match the right service experts for any job and update them via the app.

  • Customer support: Chat, email, phone support, FAQ, and knowledge base

  • App price: Available with the paid plan, which starts at $70 per user, per month

  • Billing cycle: Annual 

Example of a review excerpt from a user who has used Dynamics 365 mobile app:

“Overall I highly recommend Dynamics 365 to businesses looking to optimize their processes and drive growth.  I loved that it has a simplistic and completely user friendly system set up where I can do everything I need to with one app. It makes storing and finding everything for my records easier on me as well.”

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5. Asana



4.47 out of 5 stars

12085 reviews

Asana is a work management platform with ERP functionality. The software has a mobile app that lets you create workflows for your team. It offers a visual dashboard with project templates you can use to assign specific tasks to team members.

You can also use a built-in rule builder to automate actions based on triggers, such as automatically moving a task (action), such as finalizing a project’s cost estimation when the due date is approaching (trigger). Asana offers individual and company-wide goal-creation functionality and helps monitor the state of your company’s work with custom reporting. You can track key metrics such as budget or time to stop blockers before they impact work.

Who should consider Asana’s mobile app?

Businesses with complex workflows involving multiple stakeholders can take advantage of Asana and its ability to create rule-based task automation. You can set and track individual and team goals, plan a timeline for a project, and make status updates to measure project progress. Team members can then add the status of their tasks, and Asana automatically sends updates to everyone involved in the project.

  • Customer support: Chat, email, phone support, FAQ, and knowledge base

  • App price: Available with the paid plan, which starts at $10.99 per user, per month

  • Billing cycle: Annual 

Example of a review excerpt from a user who has used Asana’s mobile app:

“Overall ASANA has worked great for our company, Its made our job in the office alot easier and makes keeping track of our larger projects and jobs much more convenient.  This software was very easy to us and integrate into our business. As a whole it makes our jobs much easier and efficient when it comes to keeping track of big tasks or jobs.”

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Pro tip

Check if the ERP app provides offline access. For businesses with field operations or remote locations, an ERP mobile app that supports offline functionality is vital. It should allow users to work on tasks and sync data when back online.

6. Wrike



4.33 out of 5 stars

2607 reviews

Wrike is a project management solution that also works as an enterprise resource planning platform. The software comes equipped with data management, task management, financial tracking, and budgeting features to help you with business operations.

The software can help you monitor company expenses, configure team workflows, and conduct capacity planning to optimize resources for all your business operations. Wrike also comes with integration capabilities to sync your customer and business data.

Who should consider Wrike’s mobile app?

Businesses looking for a fully customizable app that supports multiple project management methodologies, such as Kanban boards and Gantt charts, can benefit the most from Wrike. The application lets you assign and track tasks, increasing team accountability. Wrike also allows you to integrate with third-party applications and create custom automation for business processes.

  • Customer support: Chat, email, phone support, FAQ, and knowledge base

  • App price: Available with the paid plan, which starts at  $10.99 per user, per month

  • Billing cycle: Annual 

Example of a review excerpt from a user who has used Wrike’s mobile app:

“As a manager I use the software to make routers for workers and also allocate time for job rotation and staffing and  communicating to fellow staff. I use the software for the company Purpose and this has helped us to manage our time because Alerts and notifications are being given and also solve communication problems between employers. This software is accessible to mobile devices where an employer is able to access it and time. this is a very wide software which has a wide range of tasks and features.”

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Features of interest

Here are some common features of ERP mobile apps*:



Real-time/offline data access

Access business data from anywhere using the mobile app and continue working even without an internet connection. You can perform tasks, access data, and make updates offline, which get synced to the main dashboard when you go back online.

Inventory management

Access your inventory database remotely via the app, check stock levels, initiate purchase orders, and perform other inventory-related tasks.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Manage sales and customer service teams and give them access to customer information, track interactions, and update records while on the field.

Workflow automation

Create individual and team-based workflows with automated steps and use a built-in dashboard to see the stages and steps of a business process. This visualization helps users understand where a task is within the workflow and what actions are required.

Payroll and HR management

Centralize the storage of employee data, including personal details, contact information, employment history, and other relevant information. Additionally, the app automates payroll calculations, including salary, wages, bonuses, and deductions. This feature ensures accurate and timely payment to employees.

Field service management

Provide field service technicians with mobile access to relevant information, including customer details, work orders, and inventory levels. This enables real-time updates and communication.

What are the benefits of a mobile ERP app over a desktop version?

Mobile apps have become increasingly popular because they offer several advantages over the desktop version. Here’s why you could consider a mobile app for your ERP needs:



On-the-go convenience

Mobile ERP apps allow users to track and work on their tasks while they are on the go. This flexibility is especially valuable for businesses with field service technicians frequently away from desktops.

Real-time data updates

Mobile apps offer real-time access to the latest data. Users can make informed decisions based on the latest data without waiting until they are at their desktop computers, leading to more agile and responsive decision-making.

Geolocation and tracking availability

Mobile devices come equipped with GPS and cameras, which ERP apps can leverage for geolocation tracking, barcode scanning, and image attachments. Field service technicians or warehouse staff can use these features for asset tracking, inventory management, and inspections.

Quicker task execution

Mobile apps enable users to perform quick actions, such as approving purchase orders or expense reports, without the need to access a desktop computer. Managers can expedite decision-making processes, reducing workflow bottlenecks and improving efficiency.

Frequently asked questions when selecting ERP mobile apps

Consider asking vendors these questions to ensure you pick the right ERP app:

  • Does the app offer offline access?

With offline access, users can continue working on critical tasks even in locations with poor or no internet connectivity. Field service technicians, sales representatives, or employees in remote areas can perform essential functions without interruption.

  • What reporting and analytics capabilities does the mobile app offer?

With reporting and analytics, users can access real-time data and generate reports instantly, allowing quicker decision-making. Decision-making executives and managers can respond promptly to changing business conditions, market trends, or emerging opportunities.

  • How frequently is the mobile app updated?

Updates often include bug fixes and improvements to address any issues or glitches identified in the previous version of mobile applications. Improved stability ensures a smoother and more reliable user experience, reducing the likelihood of application crashes or unexpected behavior.


To be considered for this list, products had to:

  • Have at least 20 unique user reviews published within the past two years that mention mobile-specific capabilities (based on text analysis), with an average rating of 3.0 or higher (as of Feb. 21, 2024).

  • Meet our definition for ERP software: ‘Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software helps organizations track information across all departments and business functions, from accounting to human resources to sales and beyond, and leverages a shared database to provide a single "source of truth" across modules.’

  • Have the highest percentage of positive sentiment (versus neutral or negative sentiment). We calculated the sentiment score by identifying positive and negative user sentiment specifically around mobile app usage.

*Mobile app’s features of interest were identified from vendor websites. Our research team selected the features considering what we know users expect or find important in a mobile experience.

Review excerpts are passages extracted from longer reviews written by verified reviewers. We obtain these excerpts by applying an algorithm that considers factors including, but not limited to, length, topic coverage, and thematic relevance. Excerpts are evaluated for positive or negative sentiment and receive a sentiment score.

Excerpts represent user opinion and do not represent the views of nor constitute an endorsement by Software Advice or its affiliates. Excerpts are not edited for clarity or grammar.

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