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Strike the perfect balance between service and cost with Pantonium Platform. This scalable, web-based dispatch and operations management software was designed specifically for Demand Response, Para-Transit, and Non-Emergency Medical Transportation. Pantonium can help reduce the cost of doing business by decreasing mileage, saving fuel, and reducing unnecessary administrative costs.

Scheduling, dispatch, routing, visibility, field data, and more are all integrated within a single platform with Pantonium; it provides businesses with the information to help them improve operational efficiency. Users planning routes can choose to fine-tune existing multi-stop delivery and pick-up routes or create new routes from scratch. Its scheduling engine can accommodate rules and employee-specific availability. Billing is integrated, and customers can schedule service calls with any Internet-connected device or over the phone.

One thing that makes Pantonium stand out is that it offers real-time route optimization. Pantonium’s Transportation Management application features an advanced algorithm to maximize the efficiency of drivers and assets. It tackles VRP (Vehicle Routing Problem) to facilitate a systematic mobile dispatch strategy. This unique feature ensures that the most cost-efficient routing solution is implemented; it also helps your team provide customer with consistently accurate ETA’s.

We think businesses in the people transportation industry should consider implementing mobile-ready Pantonium to plan and manage their routes. It’s an especially good fit for healthcare providers and government agencies managing ridesharing programs. Pantonium features an intuitive, user-friendly interface, so it can be implemented with a minimal amount of training.


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Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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