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Cubit is an on-premise job estimating and takeoff solution for contractors and subcontractors in the construction industry. Key features include natural estimating, 3D takeoff, multiple price lists, project planning and more.

With Cubit, estimates are done and updated in real time on all project screens. Designers can check takeoff designs in multiple 3D modes. Users can build their own price list for items or import standard industry pricing for calculating labor and material estimates.

Cubit support revision history enables contractors to save and view previous versions of their design before it gets finalized. It also provides tools to generate a range of professional reports that can be exported into common formats like Excel and PDF.

Cubit supports multiple drawing formats, including CAD, PDF, BIM and DXF. It offers integration with third-party business applications like Xero and MudShark.

It is available for a monthly subscription and offers support via email to its customers.


Cubit - Takeoff 3D view
  • Cubit - Takeoff 3D view
    Takeoff 3D view
  • Cubit - Combined estimating and takeoff
    Combined estimating and takeoff
  • Cubit - Reporting capabilities
    Reporting capabilities
  • Cubit - BIM model import
    BIM model import
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 8, Windows 10

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