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Wisp by Gensler, is a full-service space management solution to combine software, implementation and ongoing drawing maintenance. Interactive floor plans are combined with occupant data for real time space reporting. Key features ...Read more about Wisp

5.00 (14 reviews)


More than just desk booking: ​ Tribeloo provides the tools to manage your hybrid workplace and bring your employees back together. Book through the tools you already use​ - Book any space directly from Outlook or Google, so your ...Read more about Tribeloo

4.86 (42 reviews)


Your complete toolkit to make hybrid work for your people and spaces. A full suite of easy-to-use hybrid working software designed to improve the coordination of people, space. By building the operating system for the future of wo...Read more about Kadence

4.67 (24 reviews)

UMA Vision

UMA software includes resource scheduling to assist with room, space and desk booking, hoteling and managing other shared resources including car park spaces and lockers. UMA connects to the work calendar and digitizes office flo...Read more about UMA Vision

4.85 (33 reviews)


Whatspot is a meeting room booking solution that allows staff members to handle reservations for shared resources. Small businesses and venues can utilize the platform to simplify bookings of meeting rooms, parking spots, and comp...Read more about Whatspot

4.77 (30 reviews)


Spacewell is a web-based facilities and maintenance management software and integrated workplace management system (IWMS) that helps businesses dispatch work orders on the basis of skills and facilitates activity-based service del...Read more about Spacewell

4.62 (33 reviews)

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Okku is a cloud-based reservations system that lets you organize your scarce office resources. Let the users within your organization reserve seats, rooms, car parking or more. The system can integrate with Google or Microsoft p...Read more about Okku

4.14 (14 reviews)

Gaia Workspace

Gaia Workspace is a flexible workspace and visitor management solution, featuring room & desk booking, employee safety, facility management, visitor management, and analytics. Gaia streamlines your workplace scheduling and keeps y...Read more about Gaia Workspace

4.65 (17 reviews)


OfficeSpace Software is a cloud-based platform that helps organizations allocate workspace. Users can manage day-to-day employee relocations and large-scale organizational moves. The software can be used across a variety of indust...Read more about OfficeSpace

4.91 (29 reviews)

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Clearooms is a hot desk and meeting room management software. It is a user-friendly solution specifically made for SME companies looking to move to a hybrid workspace model but that do not want an over complicated system to suppor...Read more about Clearooms

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Ronspot is a smart desk, parking and meeting room management solution designed to help businesses book desks and meeting rooms within office space and schedule, reserve or vacate parking spots according to requirements. Administra...Read more about Ronspot

4.71 (31 reviews)

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iOFFICE is a cloud-based integrated workplace management (IWMS) and facilities management solution that helps organizations to manage their business operations and workflows. Users can choose from ten modules with management featu...Read more about iOFFICE

4.40 (50 reviews)

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