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Top 10 Alternatives

Mondly for Business

Mondly by Pearson for Business is a language learning platform that enables businesses to offer language learning courses for English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Hindi, Russian, Korean, and more. With the speech recognition ...Read more about Mondly for Business

Rosetta Stone Enterprise

Rosetta Stone Enterprise is a learning management solution that helps businesses in the retail, manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, construction and consulting industry utilize the self-paced and blended learning methodology t...Read more about Rosetta Stone Enterprise

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Duolingo is a learning management system designed to help schools provide language lessons and track learners’ progress. The platform enables students to read, write, listen and speak languages via online lessons on a unified inte...Read more about Duolingo

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Busuu is a language learning platform that helps students and corporate employees learn various languages such as English, Polish, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and more through integrated courses and training programs. It allows t...Read more about Busuu


OpenSesame is an elearning course provider that offers more than 20,000 courses covering business skills, safety, compliance, technology, industry-specific and certifications, and it is suitable for the training needs of organizat...Read more about OpenSesame

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Babbel for Business

Babbel is a language learning solution, which enables businesses and professionals to improve their language skills using blended learning, live and video sessions. Using Babbel's admin portal, managers can track employees learni...Read more about Babbel for Business


The gold standard for on-the-job digital professional development is Speexx. We empower global organizations to bring out the best in their people with digital language training, skills evaluation, and business coaching by utilizi...Read more about Speexx

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ELSA Speak

ELSA Speak is an English-speaking application that helps businesses utilize AI-based tools to recognize speech, evaluate and give feedback on language pronunciation and fluency. With ELSA, your team can speak English like a native...Read more about ELSA Speak

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LearnLanguages24 is one of the most popular language training providers in the world, offering 79 languages and more than 350 courses. Their online classes offer simple, achievable activities that may be finished in under five min...Read more about LearnLanguages24

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Drillster is a smart microlearning app that keeps critical knowledge and competencies top of mind, so employees can deliver top performance, using the right skills at the right time. Drillster was founded in 2011 by Thomas Gooss...Read more about Drillster