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For growing companies making the transition from stand-alone accounting or spreadsheets into a streamlined, integrated system, Expandable provides a comprehensive, enterprise-level manufacturing software solution that is accessible to small growing companies. The complete ERP system includes core functions for material requirements planning, manufacturing execution, accounting, business intelligence and supply chain management.

Expandable is ideal for any company looking to sustain growth and rein in any inefficiencies brought about by utilizing a manual process to manage costs and production and a lack of enterprise-wide visibility. Its consistent user interface across all available modules ensure that users can be productive business-wide. Expandable's modular approach helps users build a solid working knowledge of the base system while adding advanced or industry-specific features as the business grows.

Expandable ERP runs on a Microsoft SQL Server and can be installed on-premise or run on demand as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application over the web. The SaaS offering is available on a subscription basis with low upfront costs, providing small manufacturers a full-featured ERP system at an affordable price point.

Expandable boasts that its implementations are typically achieved in weeks, not months, and are backed by the company’s commitment to a well-defined implementation plan that prevents costs from getting out of control. We recommend Expandable often due to the firm’s “hands-on” approach and the ERP system’s robust, flexible functionality.


Expandable ERP  - Serial Number Editor with Cross References
  • Expandable ERP  - Serial Number Editor with Cross References
    Serial Number Editor with Cross References
  • Expandable ERP  - Expandable Intelligence BI Dashboard
    Expandable Intelligence BI Dashboard
  • Expandable ERP  - Bill of Materials Viewer
    Bill of Materials Viewer
  • Expandable ERP  - Expandable ERP Integration for Salesforce CRM
    Expandable ERP Integration for Salesforce CRM
  • Expandable ERP  - Parts Master Lot Status Inquiry
    Parts Master Lot Status Inquiry
  • Expandable ERP  - MRP Workbench
    MRP Workbench
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

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Richard from Iceberg Enterprises
Specialty: Other Industry

January 2016

January 2016

Expandable Software: Feature rich, great support, easy to use



Product Quality

Customer Support

Likes Best

Easy to use, feature rich software with exceptional customer support.

Likes Least

No access to source code; however, this ensures business logic is not compromised.


Expandable is a SQL based, manufacturing and accounting software product that allows for easy access to the data structure. With continued evolution of the software, as witnessed by the recently introduced EDT (EDI) module that covers most electronic documents that are required in the supply chain, and Web Service API's that will allow seamless integration into the database with access to the underlying business logic, Expandable stays in touch with its' users needs. The software can be installed in a typical client/server mode and recently they introduced a cloud based version. All in all, this is a well designed, well supported, and well run company that has a vision for the future and follows the road map that they have crafted. Thumbs up to a great company and great software. Well done.