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Unamo SEO is a cloud-based search engine optimization (SEO) platform suitable for businesses of all sizes. Unamo helps users analyze keyword rankings and backlinks, generate reports and analyze website optimization issues.

Unamo SEO offers tools that allow users to monitor keywords from over various search engines from around the world, assess how site content is ranking based on specific keywords and create keyword categories to help with analysis. The software also alerts users to lost or broken links.

Users can view reports on website crawlability issues to determine how a site’s content should be adjusted. Competitor analysis tools allow users to enter other website URLs to see whether keywords are overlapping with competitor keywords, and they can compare the search engine results page (SERP) links of higher-ranked keywords.

Support is offered via email. Pricing is per month.


Unamo SEO - Backlinks report
  • Unamo SEO - Backlinks report
    Backlinks report
  • Unamo SEO - Competitor rankings
    Competitor rankings
  • Unamo SEO - Keyword rankings
    Keyword rankings
  • Unamo SEO - Site optimization
    Site optimization
  • Unamo SEO - Average search rankings
    Average search rankings
  • Unamo SEO - Choose report type
    Choose report type
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Web browser (OS agnostic)

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