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Survey: How Team Mood Can Impact Project Management

When strong emotions rise during a project, group members may wish they would just go away. However, ignoring the group’s feelings may be detrimental to project success: Research has shown that “hurricane employees” who barrage a team with negative emotion can affect productivity 30 to 40 percent. Conversely, happy teams may experience up to a […]

Financial Reporting Software Small Business Buyer Report – 2014

Every year, Software Advice is contacted by thousands of organizations looking for the right accounting systems for financial reporting—which gives us unparalleled insight into the needs of today’s software buyers. We recently analyzed a random sample of these interactions to uncover the most common pain points for small businesses (companies with annual revenues of $100 […]

consumer confidence in cloud accounting 2014

Consumer Confidence in Cloud-Based Accounting – 2014

Small businesses been slower to adopt cloud-based solutions for accounting than for other business operations. Indeed, our research at Software Advice shows a lower-than-average preference for cloud-based deployment among accounting software buyers from small businesses (those with $100 million or less in annual revenue). And outside reports reflect even lower percentages: A recent survey showed […]