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Quintiq's powerful Supply Chain Planning & Optimization (SCP&O) platform was designed with flexibility and problem solving in mind, smoothing any issues with planning and job scheduling without making any changes to the core system or altering a company's set workflow. This solution was developed to address the need for a supply chain solution that can easily adapt to the needs of businesses in multiple industries, and can be adjusted to conform to any customer's specific needs, rules, or constraints. Quintiq's Supply Chain Planning & Optimization is also impressively scalable, so organizations of any size can implement the system, without worrying about whether or not a system will be able to grow with changing business requirements.

Whether the planning puzzle is production, logistics, or workforce, spanning from strategic, to tactical, to operational, Quintiq's Supply Chain Planning & Optimization works to support the needs of businesses, no matter the industry, size, or functionality requirements. The planning interface creates an easy way for departments to collaborate, so that each can work together to achieve common goals.

Quintiq offers a variety of features to improve the management of supply chains, including industry-leading optimization capabilities. We like the real-time planning environment that includes a propagation engine that calculates and visually displays the consequences of potential or real-time changes and events. This Scenario Planning can help businesses visualize the effect of certain changes, before these changes are put into place. Quintiq's user interface has been designed to be sleek and intuitive, implementing simple point-and-click functionality so that employees can be up to speed quickly, minimizing training time during implementation.


Supply Chain Planning & Optimization - Demand planning
  • Supply Chain Planning & Optimization - Demand planning
    Demand planning
  • Supply Chain Planning & Optimization - Production scheduling
    Production scheduling
  • Supply Chain Planning & Optimization - Workforce planning
    Workforce planning
  • Supply Chain Planning & Optimization - Logistics planning
    Logistics planning
  • Supply Chain Planning & Optimization - Mobility solutions
    Mobility solutions
  • Supply Chain Planning & Optimization - Planning horizons
    Planning horizons
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 2000

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Jonathan from Multinational
Specialty: Transportation Equipment
Number of employees: 10,000+ employees Employees number: 10,000+ employees

March 2018

March 2018

Avarege ERP Software



Product Quality

Customer Support

Value for Money

An average quality software at a premium price. Not the best quality/price ratio.


Many features
Interesting concept
Nice commercials and adds
Has some potential but I would think twice before deciding on this


Poorly implemented features
An interesting concept with serious limitations
A steep learning curve for both managers and developers
No debugger
No version control (some control was recently introduced with 5.5 but is very very unstable un hard to use)
The provided pieces of training are very poorly made, longwinded and with many mistakes
The Community is totally non-existent - and motivation to get involved in it is very low
The certification system is unprofessional and lacks consistency from top to bottom
Questionable development strategy

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