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Virtual Vaults is a software for businesses that want to keep their data secure. It provides a vault where you can store your files and access them from any device, even when you're offline. Virtual Vaults has a lot of features that help you manage your business and keep it running smoothly. You can use it to create documents and store them in your vault. When you need to share these documents with others, you can send them links or emails with the attachments in them. The attachments are also encrypted so that only people with the right password can see them. You can also organize all of your documents by creating folders and subfolders within them. You can also use Virtual Vaults for tasks like managing customer records and tracking sales leads, as well as keeping t...

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Short term From €499 / month Your most flexible plan. Ideal for short term projects such as M&A and real estate transactions. Long term From €375 / month Your most beneficial plan. Perfect for long term projects and repeated use cases.

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€438.00 per month

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