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Verbit is a closed captioning solution, which helps legal professionals and businesses in media, education and other industries leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technology to generate audio and text transcripts for hearings, ... Read more


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Rev is a speech-to-text platform designed to help businesses access transcripts and captions, improve workflows and streamline team collaboration activities using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Using Rev, organizations... Read more


Otter is a note-taking software designed to help businesses record, transcribe and share voice notes in real-time. The platform enables administrators to invite participants, edit notes, manage vocabulary and automatically generat... Read more


YouTube is a web-based video platform that enables individuals, bloggers and enterprises to discover, host and share audio and videos on a centralized hub. Video creators can create a YouTube channel to upload content, subscribe t... Read more


CaptionHub is a close captioning software designed to help businesses automate speech recognition to generate captions in multiple languages. The solution enables administrators to import audios and videos, create hardcoded subtit... Read more


Maestra is a speech to text solution that helps businesses across marketing, education and publishing industries streamline closed caption, speech recognition and transcription operations. It enables users to convert audio files i... Read more


3Play Media

3Play Media enables businesses in eCommerce, entertainment, government, education and other sectors to streamline transcription, speech recognition and closed captioning operations. It allows professionals to enhance audience enga... Read more


Adobe Presenter

Adobe Closed Captioning enables Adobe Connect users to embed captions in team meetings and online events. It allows participants to display or hide captions in videos and place them at the top or bottom of the screen as per requir... Read more



Trance is a transcription software designed to help businesses create closed captions and translations for visual content. The platform enables administrators to view the source text and translated data via the dual-pane display f... Read more



VideoTranslator is a cloud-based solution that offers enterprises across hospitality, education and various other industries with real-time AI transcription, translation and hardcoded captions. The platform helps professionals t... Read more



CaptioningStar is a closed captioning solution that helps businesses across media, entertainment, government and education sectors insert captions in videos. The platform allows organizations to manage transcripts, engage with the... Read more



Zeemo.AI is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technology to automatically transcribe and add subtitles to videos. Users can import audio or video files on the platform and automatic... Read more


Livecast Media

Livecast Media allows video production teams to manage live streams, multilingual translations and other operations across online events via a unified portal. Organizations can handle role-based permissions, send multiple invites,... Read more



VITAC is a closed captioning service provider that provides businesses with a web player to display real-time or offline captions across live broadcasts or events. Professionals can use the mobile-friendly platform to display capt... Read more


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