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Flexi Software is an ideal financial accounting solution for the banking, insurance and financial services markets. With nearly 20 years experience and a vast amount of expertise in these industries, Flexi Software has made a name for itself as a strong contender in the accounting software market. Their accounting solution is fully integrated, providing single-touch processing, comprehensive audit trails, and drill-down tools. The software integrates with various banking systems including Jack Henry, Metavante, and DCI, as well as insurance solutions from Majesco and StoneRiver.

Our favorite part of this software is the financial report writer, a web-based tool that arms users with the ability to efficiently and easily create and distribute financial reports. Also, the system has top-of-the-line drill-down capabilities allowing users to get a detailed view of their financial statements. Finally, we are big fans of their accounts payable solution, a tool that enables you to capture images of invoices, automate routine data entry and route invoices to the right contact for approval.

Flexi is a niche player in the banking and insurance markets and should be evaluated by organizations in these markets looking for an end-to-end financial management solution. Because of their vertical market expertise, Flexi speaks the language of your business and understands your reporting, processes and integration requirements.



Flexi Software - Consolidated Financials – Drillback to FlexiLedger
  • Flexi Software - Consolidated Financials – Drillback to FlexiLedger
    Consolidated Financials – Drillback to FlexiLedger
  • Flexi Software - Manage Vendors with Statistical Analysis
    Manage Vendors with Statistical Analysis
  • Flexi Software - Paperless Workflow Approval Routing
    Paperless Workflow Approval Routing
  • Flexi Software - Integrated Suite –FlexiAssets, FlexiPurchasing, FlexiProjects.
    Integrated Suite –FlexiAssets, FlexiPurchasing, FlexiProjects.
  • Flexi Software - FlexiLedger is Easy, Flexible, Integrated
    FlexiLedger is Easy, Flexible, Integrated
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, HP-UX, AIX, Windows 2000

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from Blackford dental
Specialty: Healthcare / Social Services
Number of employees: 201-500 employees Employees number: 201-500 employees

Easy to use and easy to navigate



Product Quality

Customer Support

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Product Quality

Great product with exceptional navigation. People friendly for all to use!!


very easy to use, people friendly product



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You are going to love It!!!

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