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RENOMii is a cloud-based construction solution specializing in managing order changes for home renovations. It is best suited for small and medium-sized businesses.

Users create projects in RENOMii, and customers are asked to confirm project details. Users and customers can communicate in RENOMii for the duration of the project. Each change requires approvals, which are all stored in the system.

Customers go into the system to request changes. These requests include a description, budget and attachments. Users can request more information, decline requests or approve and convert requests into change orders.

Both customers and users are able to review change orders in RENOMii. Contract prices update automatically when changes are ordered. As with change requests, customers can approve, decline or ask questions about change orders.

Even after projects are completed, users have access to historical records. They can access documents, pictures and files from anywhere. Contractors can make notes in the system that users can see but customers cannot.

RENOMii is priced monthly or annually per company. It is suitable for residential projects only. It is available only in North America.


RENOMii - Contractor notes
  • RENOMii - Contractor notes
    Contractor notes
  • RENOMii - Projects view
    Projects view
  • RENOMii - Change order approval
    Change order approval
  • RENOMii - Change order creation
    Change order creation
  • RENOMii - Add customer
    Add customer
  • RENOMii - Change order list
    Change order list
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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