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IBS has over 30 years of experience producing software solutions for supply chain managers and distributors. With over forty modules assisting 2,000+ global customers, IBS has become a leading provider of ERP software solutions.

IBS Enterprise is a fully-integrated suite for manufacturers and distributors that focuses its solution mainly on seven key areas. These focuses include inventory control, warehouse management, accounting, manufacturing, business intelligence, e-commerce, and CRM. IBS Enterprise is suited to fit a wide range of medium to enterprise-level businesses. We currently recommend this system for users operating in North America with annual sales of $25 million to over $1 billion.

This is a great system for users that are looking to integrate all of their software solutions into one package. This ensures all platforms are integrated, and that support comes from one vendor. And because IBS Enterprise helps manage and integrate supply chain and distribution planning and execution, users are able to respond quickly and make informed and intelligence overarching decisions to dynamic situations.

IBS is a Global Premier Partner with IBM, providing its solutions based on IBM’s technology infrastructure. IBS runs exclusively on IBM i-series servers and is deployed on-premise. IBS Enterprise is built on IBS’s Orchestrate architecture, ensuring the system is securely scalable and flexible and that it can grow with uses’ businesses. In addition, IBS Enterprise is offered as a multi-lingual and multi-currency ERP system.


IBS Enterprise - Sales Orders
  • IBS Enterprise - Sales Orders
    Sales Orders
  • IBS Enterprise - Purchase Orders
    Purchase Orders
  • IBS Enterprise - Dashboard
  • IBS Enterprise - Business Intelligence
    Business Intelligence
Supported Operating System(s):
IBM OS/400

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