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SDS4 is a distribution software solution targeting small to medium-sized businesses in the industrial machinery and equipment and electronic component and semiconductor industries. It is available both in the cloud and as an on-premise deployment.

This solution has functionalities for both enterprise relationship planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM). Applications for purchasing, accounting, inventory management and warehouse control are all included.

In SDS4’s purchasing application, users create and source parts for purchase orders and back orders. Purchase orders can either be set up to generate automatically, or users can manually entered them.

In SDS4, users can create invoices, receive payments, manage multiple bank accounts and award commissions to sales teams. With the system's CRM capabilities, automated emails including important documentation can be sent to clients. SDS4 Distribution features customizable dashboards that allow users to choose what information they want to see on each screen.


SDS4 Distribution - Sales dashboard
  • SDS4 Distribution - Sales dashboard
    Sales dashboard
  • SDS4 Distribution - Distribution detail
    Distribution detail
  • SDS4 Distribution - Invoice
  • SDS4 Distribution - Print preview
    Print preview
  • SDS4 Distribution - Purchase orders
    Purchase orders
  • SDS4 Distribution - Dark theme
    Dark theme
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 10

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Bjoern from Aegis Components Inc.
Specialty: Electrical supplies

September 2016

September 2016

Just awesome!



Product Quality

Customer Support

Value for Money

Product Quality
Likes Best

Where do I begin. After years of searching for the perfect ERP solution for my electronic component distribution business I finally came across SDS4 Distribution. I literally have been searching for a solution like this for years. We have tried 4 other solutions but SDS BY FAR exceeds all we have used - from functionality, to ease of use, to stability of the program - it's top notch. Unlike many other software solutions SDS4 Distribution is windows-based and has a similar feel to Outlook. It can easily be customized and it's processes are very easy to learn. I called my rep and he promptly took almost 3 hours (!) out of his day to demo the software. Support has been just awesome. After initial install a dedicated account rep is assigned to you for all requests. My rep constantly follows up to make sure all is running well. If you need assistance on the fly, contact one of their reps on Skype and your questions will be addressed immediately. We have been using SDS4 Distribution for the last 6 months and are absolutely thrilled with its capabilities!

Likes Least

Nothing. Wish I would have found SDS4 Distribution sooner!


This software is awesome. Contact my rep and have him show you what I am talking about. It's just so much better than so many of the big providers. Cost is reasonable. Support is great. Electronic component distributors MUST give SDS4 Distribution a look!

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