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ITRP is a cloud-based IT help desk solution designed for midsize and large businesses. It offers service desk, problem management, change management and audit management within a suite.

ITRP features incident management, allowing users to locate and report incidents whenever they occur. In case of a major incident, the solution groups all requests related to an incident so that they can be addressed by the assigned team in one go.

ITRP features automated routing which cues incoming requests from different sources and routes them to the right staff based on predefined rules.

ITRP features computer telephony integration (CTI) which eases the process of customer search while handling customer queries. For every query, the solution performs lookups in the database and pulls customer records to help agents identify services and subscriptions.

The problem management functionality of the solution allows users to identify problems by identifying recurring and related requests. This enables users to perform root cause analyses of these problems and solve them proactively.


ITRP - Computer telephony integration
  • ITRP - Computer telephony integration
    Computer telephony integration
  • ITRP - Mobile app
    Mobile app
  • ITRP - Risk and impact analysis
    Risk and impact analysis
  • ITRP - SLA reporting
    SLA reporting
  • ITRP - Approval managenent
    Approval managenent
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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