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Available since 2009, TRXio by Cairnstack Software is a cloud-based inventory management system designed to help businesses of any size manage their assets, protect their brand, and comply with industry standards. Within the TRXio program, users gain access to demand forecasting and replenishment, inventory optimization, kitting, lot traceability, reporting and analysis, and vendor managed inventory tools in addition to marketing features. The program can be used on mobile devices and is iPad friendly.

TRXio maps the process between proposal and final invoice by visualizing workflows and products. The system avoids duplicated efforts by connecting orders, projects, knowledge of inventory locations, and invoicing, and tracks products as the flow into, around, and out of a business. The system also automatically creates change orders when the scope of a project changes. The program provides real-time project statuses by phase, organizes work orders, and imports and exports projects between more than 300 different applications.


TRXio - Audit Inventory
  • TRXio - Audit Inventory
    Audit Inventory
  • TRXio - Daily Item Movement Report
    Daily Item Movement Report
  • TRXio - Edit Order
    Edit Order
  • TRXio - Labeling
  • TRXio - Edit Project
    Edit Project
  • TRXio - Transfer to Destination
    Transfer to Destination
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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