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Manufacturers who require production and assembly benefit from the adoption of NetSuite Manufacturing Edition. The system is integrated with inventory, warehouse management, accounting and financial management, order management, customer relationship management (CRM), and ecommerce. Partner relationshp mangement (PRM) also allows users to better manage their contact with network partners. NetSuite is a cloud-based solution delivered over the web as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

NetSuite can be used by manufacturing businesses to manage production orders, ensure base inventory level restocking, and ensure the success and quality of special orders. In addition, the system supports inventory for multiple locations, assembly management requirements, bill of materials, work order management, diverse methods of measurement, bar coding procedures, and other necessary business processes in the manufacturing industry. It can also integrate shipping processes with mainstream carriers, such as FedEx.

NetSuite Manufacturing Edition can help track down leads and turn them into finalized orders, while also tracking the association between production and revenue for manufacturing companies. The accompanying business dashboard is customizable, and leverages established best practices in providing an accessible tool for monitoring real-time business operations. This dashboard can also be tailored to fit certain roles, maintaining a clearly organized business community. This is a main staple of NetSuite’s differentiating business functionality.

Customization capabilities are included in the system as well, and are simplified to allow users to more easily enhance the software to better fit their specific requirements. As with other SaaS packages, the system can be accessed online, with less upfront cost and a substantially less complex implementation process.


NetSuite - NetSuite Manufacturing Edition
  • NetSuite - NetSuite Manufacturing Edition
    NetSuite Manufacturing Edition
  • NetSuite - NetSuite Ecommerce Showcase
    NetSuite Ecommerce Showcase
  • NetSuite - Sales Manager Dashboard
    Sales Manager Dashboard
  • NetSuite - Inventory Manager Dashboard
    Inventory Manager Dashboard
  • NetSuite - Senior Executive Dashboard
    Senior Executive Dashboard
  • NetSuite - CFO/Controller Dashboard
    CFO/Controller Dashboard
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic)

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from Linden Lumber LLC
Specialty: Lumber / Forest Products
Number of employees: 51-200 employees Employees number: 51-200 employees

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Product Quality

Customer Support

Value for Money

Product Quality

NetSuite's core configuration is equipped to meet the financial management needs of a wider variety of small and mid-sized businesses, with the exception of those just looking for the basics.


ntegrates with NetSuite ERP and NetSuite Ecommerce. State-of-the-art user interface, navigational tools. Understandable languages and processes. Compliant with many global accounting rules. Generous stable of integrated add-on apps.


No built-in payroll. Can't purchase individual modules.


from SimplyRFiD





Product Quality

Product Quality

Customer Support

Customer Support


We moved to Netsuite in 2007 -- from Quickbooks, SalesForce and Excel spreadsheets. NetSuite really does an amazing job of integrating everything -- Accounting, Shipping, Fulfillment, Inventory, and Customer Tracking.

What was hard before:

- Without NetSuite, figuring out what a customer ordered was HARD! SalesForce had no easy way of knowing what a customer actually did. Do they pay on time? What do they usually order? When was their last order? We had to keep three windows open just to talk with a customer (SalesForce, QuickBooks, and a list of notes on what-shipped-when). I suppose a very large organization with a disconnected sales force might think it okay to not actually know what the customers are doing? It was also OK for us when we only shipped 10 orders a month because spreadsheets were cheap and easy. Once we got to 10 orders a day, Netsuite integrated all this and made it easy, transparent and manageable.

- Without Netsuite, shipping and fulfillment was a constant effort. Orders had to get into accounting, so there was double entry. It had to be duplicated in SalesForce so we knew who did what. It had to be ordered/prepared/picked/and sometimes drop-shipped with a 3-4 week lead time. Netsuite made this all easy. Our process now: we talk with a customer, create an estimate, convert to a sales order, automatically generate PO's to suppliers and auto-drop-ship or 'receive to order' and ship to final customer with any customization. Netsuite manages all the costs, manages the best supplier rates, billing and payments. I can't describe the effort -- and losses -- we suffered before we had a fully integrated solution.

- Without Netsuite, we didn't know who bought which serial numbered product. We did manage it with description fields and spreadsheets. But, Netsuite maintains serialized inventory and we know which serial numbers went where. To some extent, this forces us to be more organized than we'd like (e.g. we can't 'bill it' till we 'ship it' which, believe me, can cause all sorts of problems I won't go into) but the benefits outweigh the consequences and keep us accurate.

But, those are just some of the obvious advantages of an integrated, mature product.

Some of the less-obvious good-stuff:

- It's always working. Being a SaaS or 'cloud' application, we don't maintain servers. We don't do backups. We don't worry about upgrades, viruses, or the IT guy being at lunch when the server locks up. In 4 years, we've only seen Netsuite go down during business hours for about 3 hours. This happened in 2007 and hasn't happened since. I know a lot of companies running in-house servers that crash monthly.

- Integrated shipping. No more typos on shipping labels. I know, you could export/import files. But the integration works well, maintains tracking numbers, emails customers their tracking number. For a while Netsuite didn't support multi-carrier shipments. It does now.

- Integrated support for customers and orders. All of our email comes into Netsuite. Our '' email address enters Netsuite, finds the customer (based on their email address) and associates their emails to their account. This ensures we handle all the requests quickly and in a single location.

- Continuous improvement!

Every 6 months Netsuite upgrades us. In 4 years, we've seen all sorts of things enhance our life. e.g. 'Preferred contact' method: Getting with the times and saving paper, Netsuite supports 'email, printed, or faxed' invoices. We just check the customer preference and Netsuite bills them by their preference.

What problems do we still have? Really none. Netsuite is a big system and has its 'way of doing things.' We adapt our processes to match Netsuite's and that makes everything wonderful. Should Netsuite be more flexible? Frankly, it is. It has an entire 'Suite Apps' interface that we can customize everything to work 'our way'. But, hey... we adapt and pass the savings onto our customers.

If you haven't figured it out, we really like Netsuite. It gives us a huge organizational edge over our competitors and helps us develop solid internal processes.

We use Netsuite to keep our customer's supply needs secure, organized and reliable.

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